Great Buy or Not? – SJ5000x Elite Action Cam

As a photographer and videographer, what I value the most is the output and endurance of every gadget I buy, however I am also a very practical person, hence I look for the cheap ones and yet still display a grand output, an immense endurance and for sure is worthy to buy. So, here’s my take on the SJ5000x Elite!

If you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap Action Camera, SJCam5000x Elite sure is the one you’re finding. But what’s the catch of this gadget and why in the world did I buy this? Scratch that, it was a gift. *winks*

1. Phenomenal All-inclusive Package
Not only will you get the Action Camera alone but also a bunch of accessories!

Figure 2. The Flatlay

There is a waterproof case to protect it from the elements such as; Water, Earth, Fire, Air,(Kidding, SJCAM5000x Elite is not the Last Airbender *laughs*), its very own charger/USB connector, various mounts and joints to help you position it just right on your car’s windshield or even on your helmet. Also, a cloth to clean the lens, comes in handy instead of using your shirt.

A minor issue I have noticed is that you cannot mix and match the mounts and bases as you like. It takes you to another level of creativeness to use all of the mounts and bases on one go.

2. Great joy to Use

Figure 3. The Interface

This Action Cam doesn’t require you to be an expert to be able to use it. Like I said it’s a great joy to use, mainly because the buttons are easy to find and is easy to navigate! You can configure every setting straight on the camera. And what I like the most when I use it, especially when I’m seconds away for action is when you turn it on it leads you straight to recording. The most terrific thing to admire about it, if you ask me.

Besides all of the easy-to-use feature, may I add that SJCAM is doing a spectacular job with the firmware updates, and that is the key to customer satisfaction!

3. No Need For a Fish If You Need Fish-Eye Lens

A plus if you’re after the fun of having fish-eye lens in your photos and videos!
Speaking of Photos and Videos I’m really digging the quality of SJ5000x Elite!

For Videos, in 1080p at 60FPS mode, a very practical mode most of the time. You’ll get very good video quality, the higher frame rate made the videos look smooth! But what I also love about this Action Cam is its Video Lapse, and here’s a sample I took:

For photos, if you are keen to details, SJ5000x Elite can’t do that for you, perhaps get a DSLR if you need something to give you juicy and crisp photos. *winks* What it offers is 12MP Still Photos with 170° Ultra Wide Angle Lens and CMOS image sensor. Here’s a couple of example straight outta SJ5000x Elite:

Figure 4

4.  Fierce Specs





You can check the rest of its specs here: SJ5000x Elite

5. Verdict – Great Buy or Not? 

When it comes to budget-friendly Action Cam, SJ5000x Elite is a must-have, definitely!
Apart from all what I have mentioned, there is much more to like about it, including its price!

You can get it for only Php5,500 at  or  $132.96 at!

Surely, SJ5000x Elite is a great buy if you’re really digging affordable, well thought out from the inside out Action Cam, I highly recommend it, definitely. No-brainer for cheapsake! *winks*




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