A kid with feelings in glorious technicolor. The deluxe of spontaneity. Unambiguous zeal. This is my Querencia.


Chaotic Words in Topiary
Centuries have passed yet we will never stop argue about anything. Some will claim they are rightful to what they speak of, and most of us will either agree or disagree with how vast our own opinion divide us all.


Why do we put so much frantic effort into suppressing our most basic natural instincts? The one that hurts us the most is the emotional infidelity. Because the full palette of emotions we experience includes pain. And being dishonest leads…


Time clicks as I wait, The hour ends before me take, Sitting, thinking, waiting, My mind escapes.   The day grows old as night passes, Anticipating, watching, staring, seeing, Yet, nothing. Silence begins the day, As morning comes without notice,…


If there is one thing one could be thankful for, it would be to live peacefully. Nothing would be as pleasant as mere veracity to one’s peacefulness. If I could choose how to live life, it would be a peaceful…

Great Buy or Not? – SJ5000x Elite Action Cam

As a photographer and videographer, what I value the most is the output and endurance of every gadget I buy, however I am also a very practical person, hence I look for the cheap ones and yet still display a grand…


All I wanted was assurance, But all I ever get is nothing but doubt. All I wanted was assurance, But now you are everything I’m about. With full assurance, You have me in no doubt, Even in far distance, You…

New Year’s Frailty

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Is it adulthood? Is it tiresome? I have no idea. Everything’s slow, You may ask, “How come?”, I have no idea. To optimism, I stood, Not because of blithesome, It just sounds like a good idea! It is adulthood, It…


the ugly writers
You feel sick and impaired A feeling no one can comprehend Your heart constricts and tense Even you are in pretense That “I am fine” and nothing else To you it’s a definite defense To me it’s my definition of emptiness

No Borders

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So, I was asked, “Why do you stay loyal to those who barely deserve it?”   …those people need me. People may have turned their backs on me, but these people I understand more than my ego saying “quit on…