The new Globe Plan 1599 for Home Broadband

Globe has recently rolled out an updated (and a bit cheaper) internet connection plan for home broadband users.


A little history with Globe. We started our subscription with Globe under Plan 1299 with 2mbps and a landline, having been one of the first few to have a Globe subscription in our area. After two years we upgraded to 5mbps under Plan 1599. This package included an overnight refresh rate and not monthly (5GB overnight. You do the math) as compared with the usual offering. Come another two years and I decided to upgrade again. This time it’s the 7mbps plan with lifetime Spotify+HOOQ+NBA premium. Yes, lifetime as in as long as you are subscribed and you don’t change packages. Downside of this package is that in place of the overnight refresh rate of 5GB, it has been downgraded to 80GB a month. This coincides with the FUP (Fair Usage Policy. Read more about FUP here) that has been a hot issue on social media.

Last Thursday, November 3, I called up their hotline and talked to a customer service rep to inquire (read: raise hell) about the recent throttling of our connection. I asked because I have been getting low numbers on my speedtests (check your speedtest here). The guy on the other line told me my application for a volume boost (50GB for 499php) was approved, that I am on my first day of using the said add-on. Talked to him about how Globe should atleast inform the user if such boosters have been approved or not. He was very patient with me all through out. He also helped me fix my connection by telling me to completely unplug everything on our modem, turn it off and wait for a minute while he refreshes our connection. To cut the story short, I regained my 5.65mbps connection and was a happy kid again (remember, I was supposed to rain hell on whoever will answer my call?). Satisfied with his efficiency, I told him about my recent visit to a Globe store in Gateway-Cubao and was told that my area is not applicable for a speed bump. He checked my area and told me I was actually qualified for an upgrade (with a sense of price downgrade).

That was last Thursday evening. Come Friday, I checked my connection and it reached 12.95mbps.

This was my last test (Sunday, November 6, 2016).

There is still much to be desired regarding my upload speed but I guess it’s an issue with the source cabinet being far from our house.

Here is the current line up of packages for Globe Home Broadband (as of November 6, 016)


Thanks a lot Globe for having great customer service reps!

Check for a possible package that suits you and your budget here.


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