Everyone has an idea, an opinion, a say over about anything

It leads to owning our identity to what we can say and not on what we hear others say
We build rapport with people of same belief, faith and opinion
Yet build opposition with people who say otherwise of what we say

People, we as a tiny spec of human race in existence in this universe would never unite in one cause. For all we know we all have our differences. From there we are not meant to unite.

The very reason we have leaders in government, institutions, organizations, and the best example; the church.
They lead us to unite for whatever cause they see fit.

Yet today we see fit that whatever we believe is our right, no one can stop us nor let anyone else tell us otherwise we cannot believe what we believe. What ‘you’ as an individual can believe whatever you want.

In today’s generation, everything is a right, a freedom and no one can be an objection of any form for that matter. It is undeniably a great proof that maybe this generation is extremely sensitive over anything; politics, religion, gender, race etc.

Centuries have passed yet we will never stop argue about anything. Some will claim they are rightful to what they speak of, and most of us will either agree or disagree with how vast our own opinion divide us all.

From past generations to our generation today what have changed? A lot. Yet things seem to be a de ja vu, wherever you look there will always be something to argue about, telling who’s right and who’s wrong. A very dawning proof that as human race fill this beautiful planet we are all bound to disagree about anything.

What am I saying here? Who am I to question such trait we all possess? I am just a random person who is frustrated to look on my social media timeline without seeing a lot of arguments over many things.

How are we going to unite as human race without looking out for your own good? Is there a chance we all can unite and say, “finally, world peace.”