If there is one thing one could be thankful for, it would be to live peacefully.
Nothing would be as pleasant as mere veracity to one’s peacefulness.

If I could choose how to live life, it would be a peaceful life.
For with peacefulness comes great motivation to continue living life.
However, life is nothing but just peace, for it comes with all sorts of great storms and like a boat anyone ‘s life could drown with life’s waves of discouragements, doubts and fears.

Therefore, it is a matter of choice to live peacefully.



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  1. Madel P. Olveda (MAR142)
    Sociology MQ2
    Ethnocentrism- the author’s belief that peace is a great motivator to continue living life.

  2. Surio, Sheila Ann D.
    Sociology MQ2

    this article falls under the culture of ethnocentrism because the article depicts how to live your life fully and how to live in peace.

  3. Marilou Mae Amparo
    I think I live my life just going to the flow. Like accepting the changes and adopt it. And I can say I am living my real self. Because what can you see about me is what you can get. Whenever I am mad I show it, when I am ahppy I show it. I dont pretend to be someone else.
    I think this article shows rationalization , because he/she justifies the peace and how we can have it.

  4. I know that I am living my life the way I want
    it and i know that this is my real self even though I encounter a lot of challenges but I still enjoy my life

    In the story the drive towards a vindictive Triumph is present for in the first place he is already aiming how to live his life

  5. It is not easy to become who we really are especially if others are expecting us to be something that we couldn’t be. Just like me, my parents are persuading me to become kind, polite, industrious etc. I know that it is also for my best, but still It is not right to just this and that. Living on my ideal self is unwanted. wondering, “Am I really free? Or its just that I’m on a very huge cage?” One thing is for sure, the chance is still in our hand. We have the choice, this is our life after all right. We just need to have courage to show the world the beauty of the real us.


  6. All of us have dreams in life that make us motivated in living our life and as for how I live my life, I think I am the type of person who just go with flow. Whenever there are problems, I have a mindset that it will be solved later on and I do not have to worry that much. Also, I do not give attention on the things that will not even help me develop in any way. On the other hand, if I were to judge, I think I am living my real self as of now because I still have characteristics that I have to improve to be able to achieve my ideal self.


  7. I. I think right now I am living my life with a mix of a real self and an ideal self because I have self actualization and ideal self because I also dreamed of something great for myself.
    II. The need for perfection because the author is trying to mold himself to the things should or should not and that is to have peace.

  8. I live my life different from what I want it to be. I kept on failing and falling which leads me to my despised self. I guess I keep trying to become my ideal self.
    I think the article shows neurotic need to restrict one’s life within narrow borders because the author just wanted a peaceful life.

  9. At the moment, I am living my life happily. I know myself so well and I am doing what I want. Although I am aware that I have my own idiosyncrasies, I am a hundred percent sure that I am being real and authentic. Reality is the absence of perfection and I just love how perfectly imperfect my life is. There are short troubles sometimes, but I’m able to manage it. Yes, I also have my own ideal self, but I don’t let it control the entirety of my being. It’s the happiest feeling when you know you’re being true not only to yourself, but also to the people around you.

    I think the neurotic tendency for this article is The need for perfection


  10. Angela Mae Posadas
    ACT 183

    I think this article fall under the neurotic claims.
    I believe that I am living my real life, because I tend to accept everything that i should accept in life.

  11. Just like what is stated above, I believe the way how you live your life is a choice. That is why I chose to live my life as a girl who just goes with the flow of life. And I think I chose to live my real self than my ideal self because it is hard to be the person who you want to be when you do not control the things that may come your way. It is very hard to please not only yourself but also all the people that surrounds you.
    The Neurotic tendncy of “Peace” is the Neurotic Need for Personal Achievement. Because nowadays it is hard to achieve peace and people want to achieve it for personal reasons.


  12. I am living my life with pressure and self-doubt, well we all want to live a successful life, but living is not easy especially if your mind are filled with negative thoughts. There is no peace of mind. I am living my real self because I still don’t achieve the goal that I want to be. The neurotic tendency in the article is wanting her life to live in peace.


  13. ACT183

    I . I’m living my life not depending of what life I’ve been dreaming of. Living in my real self is a roller coaster ride, you can control anything that will happen in the near future. You can’t just ignore what storms coming to your life because it is a part of my life that hinders me to get through things. Yes we all dreamed of living our ideal self but its just that we are born to be brave enough to overcome everything that comes in our way.

    II. Neurotic Need for Affection- since he wanted to have a peaceful life that’s why he’s seeking for other people’s attention to give some peace to his life.

  14. Today, I live my life as what I have choose to live with. Happiness and positivity in life. And I think that this is the real me. I build this kind of personality, for me to help me adapt to challenges and struggles that I’ve encountered and will be encountered for the next days ahead. And I think this is fall under Neurotic Ambition for.personal.achievement

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