8 Reasons not to buy the Samsung S8 and S8+

Let’s all admit it. We are always up for the brand. Whether clothing or gadgets, we are always overwhelmed by that little branding below.

Here ARE 8 reasons why Samsung S8 and S8+ are poor investments:

1. They removed the tactile home button in lieu of a virtual one. This is to accomodate a more secure water resistant feature. But where is the fingerprint scanner? Fingerprint sensor is right beside the camera. So you will be cleaning the camera lens all your life.

2. The resolution is awkward. Not immersive. Play youtube and you will be watching a letterbox video, so the immersive display is useless.

3. Non removable battery on a samsung? Seriously?! Yes we know that it is needed to be water resistant but hey, Note 7 was also intended to be water resistant. Remember #Note7gate?

4. You cannot maximize the resolution (WHD+). Maximizing it will get you a notification that it is dangerous. Again, Samsung admits it’s dangerous. #note7gate

5. You like it because it’s shiny. Yes. The gorgeous body of the S8 is indeed a head turner. But the back is such a smudge magnet, the only time you’ll see it is out of the box. The rest of the time it will be covered by a thick phone casing from Otterbox or Rinke.

6. Grainy Camera output. 

7. Battery at 3000mah with a big screen is a joke. Yes it has Qi charging, yes it has fast charging and yes there are battery optimization, but nothing beats a real honest to goodness bigger MaH.

8. It is still darn too expensive. We have the LG G6 which is undoubtedly the best Smartphone to date, along with the best reiteration of the iPhone (iPhone 7 plus), the Huawei P10 and even the One Plus Three T all below the cost of the shiney new S8 or S8+

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  1. I think na iwasan ang pag bili nitong product na to. kasi may mood sya na biglang umiinit at biglang sumasabog. So stay safe na lang tayo and doblehin nag ingat. At maging mapagmatiyag sa mga bagay na bibilin natin.

  2. Kapag bibili ka ng sumsung S8 kaylangan my pera at ingat ang cellphone at check ito kung matibay

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