10 Signs you are Kuripot (Stingy)

Christmas is just around the corner. However, our ninongs and ninangs are the exact opposite. TUW provides you ten signs that you are stingy.

Christmas (as much as I would like to avoid the cliche) is just around the corner. However, our ninongs and ninangs are the exact opposite. We cannot really blame them if they are busy with work, their own family or they simply don’t have the means.

Christmas is a time of giving, not a a time for mandatory spending beyond one’s capacity. However, there are few certain instances where our godfathers and godmothers are just downright avoiding us. It raises an alarm that our once favorite (read: generous) ninong or ninang have had a change of heart…or wallet.

Here are Ten Signs that YOU are Kuripot:


  • In the world of the iPhone X, Samsung Note 8, LG V30 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro, you are still rockin’ that Samsung S3 complete with the cracked glass, loose casing, or worse, with rubber band wrapped around to hold your phone together for dear life.
  • You still label your contacts according to network provider (ex: Globe Papa, Globe Mama, Smart Tito, Smart Ex Jane) just so you can avoid being charged out of the prepaid package you subscribed to.
  • You always have your charging brick and cable with you because you don’t want to buy a power bank.
  • You are always duped into believing fake news due to FREE FACEBOOK SYNDROME.

  • You never wanted an iPhone because you love the dual sim feature of Android (even if you can afford an Apple product). The second sim is either Sun Cellular or TM.

Dual Sim


  • You stay hours at your local coffee shop for the free wifi.

Free Wifi

  • You love to eat at KFC just for the near-unlimited gravy (made up of 11 herbs and spices. hell yeah!). You also find it magical whenever you are served that hot steaming extra rice at Mang Inasal or Tokyo Tokyo.


  • You prey on those cool millennials at Starbucks and start asking for their sticker/s.
  • You are the opposite of angry when your food is delivered late. Coz it’s free!
  • You have a stackful of disposable chopsticks on hand from a single visit at your favorite chinese/japanese resto.


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