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Book Review: Rules of Non-Attraction by Andrea Soto-Pionilla

Read more about social climbing with Binibining E's review of Rules of Non-Attraction by Andrea Soto-Pionilla

Title: Rules of Non-Attraction
Author: Andrea Soto-Pionilla
Rating: ☆☆☆ (3.5/5)

To start off the review, let me just say that there is so much more about social-climbing and I think that Alexa executed it perfectly. The story for me is very common, from friends to lovers, it also tackles something about how a person is very good at being a social climber. Well, I like how this book is written, very clean and I guess very relatable. It is a very good read though, I enjoyed the story but I enjoyed Ivan more.


As much as I wanted to like Alexa, I just cannot and I am sorry for that I just can’t stand her attitude, she is this whiny and loud and bossy bitch who bosses men around. I get her character as being strong-willed and all but I just don’t like her demeaning others by calling them names, it is just so wrong. I don’t like how he treats Ivan, as if she owns him and she is so sure of herself when it comes to people who she thinks like her. Come to think of it, she is so good in pretending that she is high class and rich but she is really not. Though, I think she has come to terms with who she is in the end and also her feelings. But it is still not enough for me and I still hate her. Yes, you read it right.


Ivan, okay as I’ve mentioned while I was starting to read this book he definitely reminded me of someone I know and it really did hit home. I adore his gentleness and his attitude. I like how he controls his emotions and how he still gives respect to Alexa even though that girl is so mean to him. I liked his character a lot.


Overall, I would rate this book 3.5 stars, it is very rare for me to hate one of the characters but yeah that’s how it is. I enjoyed reading this, it may be short but it is good.

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