3 Great Entertainment Apps not on the Google Play Store

1. Tubemate

There are many fake YouTube downloaders on the Google Play Store but the one that actually works is surprisingly not on it.

TubeMate Boot/Start-up Screen

TubeMate has been up since Android Froyo years and you’d be surprised as to how it survived that long without being bought or shut down. You’ll also be surprised that it works.

The Froyo-looking UI wrapping around YouTube in Mobile View

The UI of TubeMate is a bad attempt at Holo for Android. It looks like a wrapper but it really gets the job done.

Option Pop-Up before downloading YouTube videos

It will give you various resolution options before you start your download. Do take note that choosing the highest resolution will require bigger more storage space.

Now to get this functional YouTube downloader…

Download page for TubeMate

On your search bar, click TubeMate.net. you cannot simply do a google search of it as the leading links on the resulta are all dubious.

2. Showbox

Now if you don’t feel like downloading youtube videos but want to actually watch real movies, let’s say, for long travels, Showbox is for you.

UI for Showbox lools pretty in dark Material Design

Showbox looks and feels like a baby of Flipboard and Netflix. No sign-ins. No subscriptions. No kidding. The UI is nice and the magazine-like design helps to make every android users proud of not having Netflix or Plex installed.

Simple Side Menu

Showbox shows a notification count of “Trending” videos. But other than that, it looks like an ugly cousin of Netflix.

TV Show Series view

Unlike Kodi or Netflix where it scraps the information details of each episode, Showbox would just give you the thumbnails.

Well, it’s free so who cares, right?
Now to get Showbox on your device…

Download Page

On your search bar, type in Shadowboxappdownload.com. Scroll down a bit and click the app icon image.

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time looks like an eBook Reader (Moon Reader +). Similar to the function of Showbox, this app provides your hours of movie viewing fun (or as long as you wifi or data connection allows).

eBook look for Popcorn Time

Fortunately, unlike Showbox, Popcorn Time looks more complete as the UI looks more refined and that the dev actually worked for a legit app developer in his early days.

Movie page provides download option

The advantage of Popcorn Time over Showbox is that it has an option to download (directly or via torrent) these movies.

Now to Popcorn Time on your android phone…

Website to download

On your search bar, click this link: Apkmirror.com

XBMC was supposed to be on this list but when they renamed it to KODI, they became a legit Play Store app. But it is very much the same XBMC goodness we came to love and enjoy (great plug-ins and repository support)

Do you have any one of these apps? Do you know of an entertainment app not on the list? Let us know on the comments below.
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