The Holiday Inn – Ortigas

There are few occasions where I just want to stretch my legs, relax and forget the world. The stay at the Holiday Inn did just that. 

It was my birthday so the missus and a friend of ours planned an overnight stay at this gorgeous hotel. Once there, we knew on the spot that we’d surely have a great time there.
Being adjacent to the popular mall, the Robinsons Galleria, the Holiday Inn is a treat as it is right in the heart of Mandaluyong. We met with our friend at the hotel lobby and within minutes, we were escorted to our room at the 22nd floor. The room was enough for the three of us – spacious but not too overwhelming.
The Room

The Deluxe Room provided us with two queen sized beds, and beside it on the right is a cozy couch. In front of the the two beds is an ample 32 inch Samsung TV and beside it is a work desk.

Aside from the usual fan fair of a hotel this popular, the variety of amenities is what really made the stay at this establishment memorable.
The Smoking Area

It is of great convenience to know that other than being provided a smoking area in front of the valley parking is the designated smoking lounge. It is not that big but it is enough to accommodate a good number of guests. The table and chairs are reminiscent to Figaro’s furniture inside their smoking area. And we are just grateful that it is open til 11pm. That or you go outside the lobby for your evening fix.
The Dining Area

The breakfast provided during our stay was superb. Ranging from western and pinoy meals, we were welcomed by a variety of mediterranean dishes and desserts. The staff and crew are prompt in replenishing dishes at the buffet area. We always went back for seconds… Okay, fine, thirds.
The Swimming Pool Area

The Swimming area is shared with the neighboring hotel, Crown Plaza. Having a decent view at the sky scrapers surrounding our hotel, it can be a bit chilly swimming in the evening. Otherwise, the experience we had was fantastic. The attendant is ready with our towels and you can actually order in some drinks to go along your relaxation dip.

To top it off, our overnight stay came as affordable with the price of only 5,000php.

In conclusion, an overnight stay at the Holiday Inn is a delight in our memories as well as in our pockets. The area is very accessible to every place worth visiting: the EDSA Shrine, the mall, gimmick spots, a mini-stop even. 

The Holiday Inn deserves my 5/5 Bacon rating!
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