Clarity: A Pocket Horror Story

The apartment building was doing some major reconstruction for an expansion they got when a major mall tycoon became a stakeholder. According to the prints, they will convert the dilapidated shithole to a millennial’s condo paradise.
This keeps getting better, he said to himself. He got the 5th floor unit so cheap that he first thought it was a scam as he recently got a very expensive watch for himself, the only extravagant move he made all his life. It took him two weeks for things to sink in.
One night he awoke to hear a loud banging in the room above him. He tried to ignore it and put on his wireless headset and slept on. It happened every night since then. He decided to tell the Sup about it tomorrow morning.
On his way down for work, he stumbled upon the supervisor and asked why the hell is the construction done in three in the morning. The Sup just laughed at him but frowned after when he asked what room was he on. He then rambled about the murder that transpired in his room a year before he got it. It was told that there was a girl staying in his room that had an abusive boyfriend. Despite sending goosebumps in his spine, he shrugged it off and headed for work.
At the office, he googled his building and about an incident that happened last 2014. He almost got to the interesting part but he was called on a meeting. The day became a whirlwind of publisher calls and story presentations that he forgot to continue what he was reading. He went home thinking he forgot something.
In his bed, the clock hit three o’clock and the banging started. Pissed off, he got up and climbed the staircase to the room above him. He knocked and found the door having the same unit number ajar. He opened it and found that there is a guy on the floor. When he came closer he saw that the guy was bruised and bloodied. Confused, he saw a girl come from the kitchen drunk narrating a failed book contract signing and blaming it on him and his miserable state of unemployment. He saw how he was maltreated by the girl. He cringed seeing the guy receive all the blows and the kick on the gut and he never fought back. The girl got hold of a knife and stabbed him dead. He saw how she staged everything to look like she did it out of self-defense. The girl hurt herself black and blue then called supervisor.

She played the victim role really well and the girl was never convicted.
The only thing that caught his attention was when the the body was being moved, he saw that the guy had the same watch he was wearing. And when he saw himself in the mirror, he was all bruised and bloodied.
He just saw how he was murdered that night.


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