Pearl Farm – Davao

Each year we lavish on a trip beyond our budget. Pearl Farm Davao didn’t disappoint. The moment we got there, we were greeted by the welcoming committee with songs and drinks, for a second there I thought I was in Hawaii. The trip going there was already worth it.

Then came our first chance to stroll around paradise. The electric car was very convenient that you wouldn’t mind spending your days in a secluded part of the resort. They are just a phone call away. Everything works as intended. The bar was always stocked, the people were accommodating and able, the food, terrific and the room, is just magnificent. Huge, clean and most importantly, it has powerful airconditioning.

Our second night, I tried to coax the staff to help me make our dinner special as it was our anniversary/her birthday (yeah, I’m stingy haha) and the people were more than excited in lending a hand. We got the perfect view, the waiters are always available despite having our table right in from of the infinity-edge-pool, which is quite far from the bar. But they were game with it. They made our celebration better than what I had imagined.

Looking forward to return to paradise soon.

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