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Sales and Marketing

Death Toll 5: Sales and Marketing.

Marketing for a fire suppression system is not a very lucrative job, she thought. Yet there she was on a meeting with project managers and architects and engineers. Two hours have passed and she was ready to shake hands, nod and look pleased. She approached one of the personnel for Bids and Awards and slipped him a note.


A month after getting the contract, there she was on site with her company’s engineers and installers along with the Bids and Awards personnel she went with to a motel in Mandaluyong the night before. Miggy, as his name appeared on his ID, gestured that she look at her phone. Which she did. It read:

Last nyt was gr8. I enjoyed it. Didnt knw u wer so wild in bed. Kelan ulit?

She deleted it and looked at Miggy and smiled. She received a number of similar messages from Miggy, and all of them were deleted instantly. Two weeks after, her fire suppression installer came and brought one unit. Unfortunately, the company didn’t prepare a gate pass for it. So it was left under her care at the main entrance while she waited for it to be emailed or faxed. When it did, they were instructed to place it on one of the vacant rooms and wait for further instruction. She went and grabbed a coffee near a dispenser and saw Miggy. He obviously was not looking well. He gestured her to follow so she did. They ended up in one of the east wing’s unfinished restrooms.

Miggy asked why she was rejecting all his calls and messages. She answered him frankly and gave the middle finger. Miggy obviously didn’t take her straightforwardness well as he picked up one splintered pipe lying around and lunged at her. She was able to dodge his attack but tripped and fell head first. The pain numbed her, or so she thought.

The last thing she saw was Miggy in a state of shock.

And then lights out.



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