Death Toll 6

Whether you are tending to guests or behind the counter, working for a cruise ship is luxurious as fuck. This is what made him last 8 years as a butcher for the Princess Cruise. Eight years ago, he was a fresh graduate of marine engineering. He was promised an able-bodied position during the middle of the year as only F&B positions were the only ones available. So he took it. And he eventually liked it.

Six months passed and the position for Second Mate was offered. He declined and said that it was better for him inside the ship than outside where the sun is hot. Years passed and he is now the Head Butcher of his beloved Princess Cruise. His daughter back in Cavite is now on her 3rd grade and his lovely wife, a full-time mom, expecting their second one. Everything is going right for him.

A banquet is scheduled tomorrow hence they stopped over at Marseilles to buy a stock of Provence and cheese. He delegated the purchases to his team of five. They should be back at the docks before 7pm. An hour before seven and he was informed by the steward assistant that they would be leaving the docks within ten minutes. He was frantic and tried to call all his people. There have been cases wherein whenever they land, his men tend to spend it on brothels and spend the money given.

The first pair came with his ample stock of varied cheese. He assisted them inside the Cold Storage and had them move some items to make way for the cheese. A PSA went informing them that the ten minutes is up and that they had to leave. He ordered one of the two to go talk to the captain and ask for extension while the other wait outside and contact the rest.

As the two were about to leave, one of the kitchen assistants moved something from behind the door thinking it wasn’t supposed to be there. His phone rang and heard his daughter’s voice. He missed out her birthday last year and the year before, and the year before. So he was very eager to inform her that he will be there for this year’s. The girl was very happy and that made him happy as well. He missed his family a lot. Just then, the guy who he asked to wait and call the rest of the crew came and gestured him that the Provence are onboard. In return he gave a thumbs up and mouthed to stock it on Cold Storage B. Feeling a sense of relief, the crew leaned on the door and nodded and left. Little did the crew know that he unintentionally released the jam and left the door slowly closing in. The door shut gently, the cocked and clicked. He was locked inside a bigass chiller, he thought.

He tried to use his phone and dial in but the metal door being shut totally jammed the reception. His lifeless body was found the next night during the banquet when one of the Captain’s guests asked for cheese.

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