Big Brown Eyes

It’s awesome how a typical monday changes whenever I’m with you.

Without uttering a word, we giggle and laugh. Our worries and burdens disappear.

I am known to be a man of many words, but if I am to explain how I feel around you, I become speechless

You with that big brown eyes.

A glimpse of it and I know things will work out fine.

Those brown eyes say and ask a lot.

It asks for solace, and solace I try to give.

When together, things become exciting, a funventure! The mundane becomes magical, the boring becomes a blessing.

Those big brown eyes are everything I’ll ever want.

Those big brown eyes looking at me is all I need.



it's no fun writing pretty.

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  1. We yearn everything that makes our loved one special; his/her physical features, intelligence and everything in between. All of those makes everything in a relationship magical.

  2. ang katapat talaga ng mga lungkot at sakit na iyong nararamdaman ay isang ngiti mula sa iyong minamahal.. Nice poem

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