Me, Myself and I

Great stories don’t always have a definitive protagonist or antagonist. Some great untold stories are all about internal conflicts. These are stories that take place not on picturesque locale but on the depths of one’s self.

Me, Myself and I is a collection of stories, poems, and essays about self-discovery, existentialism, and identity.

This is the first ever theme to favor works by ordinary people living ordinary lives with an extraordinary gift in storytelling.

Me, Myself and I is a celebration of individuality and self-love. It is high time to tell tales of personal success, growth and finding one’s self amidst the turmoils of society and the hustle and bustle of the digital era. The theme allows us to pause and reflect on our achievements, defeats and on-going conquest to self-understanding.

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Geordana Marie R. Moreno

It is really a good avenue for everyone. It is media wherein you can present yourself, thoughts and realization in life without being judged. It is also a way of communicating and opening up to other people.

This is a very good idea to showcase the hidden talents of everyone and to know their different perspective in life.

Marie Anne Louise F. Nalaunan

A time for self-love and discovering more about yourself ✨

Great! Perfect site to express myself and to inspire by reading the story of others.

Joseph Valenzuela

Virgilio Cruz

i am excited with this. Cant wait to share my experience and read those articles.


A medium to unleash ourselves to everyone, a platform to express all the things our hearts say and a gateway to embrace and accept ourselves before anyone can do; this is a perfect thing to search the real us in the midst of this perplex society.

Ella Mae R. De Paz

Finally, found this site where I can express and share my feelings and thoughts. Thumbs up! ?

This is such a good way to educate people whie educating yourself, too about things that we can never speak about ?

Christine Alysza C. Anquilan

Another place to vent out what I feel or think!❣️

Alyssa Melchor

Love myself, love yourself. That way, we can spread love to everybody.

Kenneth Jamis

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