In the dark of my room

I was pondering on a love lost

The bittersweet taste of a love almost forgotten

Growing up and growing apart

Until fate smiled upon me

And gave me a chance to rekindle the might-have been

Making up for the lost time

Hoping this time it would last a lifetime

The familiar taste of your lips on mine

The warmth of your touch that sent quivers within

The pure ecstasy of your breath on my neck

Oh how you made my heart throb

And long for more

For that delicious feeling

That filled my heart with anticipation

It was great until it lasted

A love truly never destined to be

Silently tormented by the whys

Happiness so abruptly taken from me

Something, somehow, changed along the way

Old feelings gone

Staring at the clock as oblivion moves

I know I can’t force a dying candle to burn bright again

Just give me time, my old love

For I’ll let you go until you’re just a fleeting memory