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It was a last minute getaway with the family. With that, the missus (a fellow TripAadvisor reviewer) was the designated planner. She booked us a flight for six and reserved 3 couples’ room. My dad was hesitant as the entire plan was beyond his budget (6,000SGD). When we were there, my dad was impressed, and was a bit proud of where his money went to.

The M Hotel is strategically located in the heart of the busy business district of Singapore. Bus stations surrounded the hotel. The rooms were pristine, staff were not just accommodating and polite, but some actually knew how to speak Tagalog. Front desk people were efficient in handling our reservations. The inter-continental breakfast included pinoy dishes which my dad can’t stop from bragging to his friends ’til today. The swimming pool at the 11th floor was amazing despite being smaller compared to contemporaries and are kept well-maintained.



The obligatory family picture at the 18th Floor Hallway.



Inter-continental Breakfast. My dad wakes up at 6AM just to make the most out of it.



The swimming pool at the 11th floor.
The WiFi became intermittent in Day 2 but it was nothing their IT personnel and front desk couldn’t handle. Room service were prompt and I enjoyed having our rooms serviced which was a first for me (Trust Issues, ’nuff said).


Visiting my brother’s room.
Our six day stay in M Hotel was money well-spent. The food, the luxurious rooms. the pool and gym as well as the amenities are everything you’d expect at this high-end hotel for a high-end family vacation.
By the way, they allowed us a room as we extend for 3 additional hours as our flight was quite late. M Hotel is definitely a must for people going to Singapore for the first time and a welcome treat to people who frequent there.


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  1. I will be checking this hotel on my trip to Singapore this May. Good that some staff knows how to talk in Tagalog. Sounds like everything you need is already inside the hotel. Great review!?

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