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The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro

For those wanting a Macbook feel but with the functionality of Windows, this is the best of both worlds. The 6GB Ram adds speed to the already fast storage space via a mix of eMMC and SSD making this specific device beat my Core i5 HP Pavilion


Recently, we bought two chinese laptops named Jumper EZBook 3 Pro (v4) for The Ugly Writers Office *cough cough garage* and it’s probably the best purchase we have made since we started online shopping.


ZOTO, the Lazada seller, sold us the two units of Jumper EZBook 3 Pro which was said to come overseas. Surprisingly, the two units came two days earlier than estimated, which is a great thing! Seeing the packages, we tried opening one and do a QA/QC as best as we can.

Out of the box, the package includes the charger, the documentation, and a very secure laptop (courtesy of the styrofoam shield protecting the unit). And that’s it. This is pretty much the most boring unboxing we’ve ever had.


From the get go, you will notice the following I/OL two USB 3.0, a mini HDMI, a headphone jack and a proprietary charger. To say the least, this has more going on than the latest MacBook reiteration.

After acquiring the device, I immediately bought two dongles to complement the chinese laptop – the mini HDMI to VGA adaptor and the 3-slot USB + ethernet.

The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro has the following dimensions: 315 (width) x 208.5 (depth) x 15mm (height). The 13-inch screen looks glorious with the given specs that the bezzles don’t look like a picture frame.

The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro is only 1.39kg. It is lightweight but doesn’t make the unit feel cheap. On the contrary, the heft adds premium feel to the impressive budget ultrabook.

The dimension is also ideal as you can use third-party sleeves and bags intended for the 13 inch Macbook.

The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro is a looker. For those wanting a Macbook (ehem) feel but the functionality of Windows, this is the best of both worlds. The 6GB Ram adds speed to the already fast storage space via a mix of eMMC (64GB) and SSD (removable 64GB) making this specific device beat my HP Pavilion with a Core i5 4GB RAM DDRF3 and 1TB of storage space (HDD). With the combined specs, it can even handle memory hungry softwares like Chrome and Photoshop.


The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro (version 4) is the best reiteration of the series (Wireless AC, no power throttling and removable SSD latch) add to the fact that it is without a doubt the best Intel N3450 ultrabook out there in the market with an impressive random access memory and the ability to upgrade/increase the built-in storage space. The EZBook 3 Pro also boasts the best price with Php. 13,000.00 pesos (for 64GB model and Php 16,971.00 with the 128GB model) on Lazada.



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  1. This laptop is recommended for those who want style and simplicity. With its size and weight, it is easy to bring anywhere. The i5 and 6gb ram will suffice web browsing and a little bit of multitasking, though it is not recommended for gaming as it lacks a dedicated video card. but with its price, our are getting a lot of features from it.

  2. The laptop seems to be promising as it has a price tag of 13,000 Pesos for the 64GB variant and 16,971 Pesos for the 128GB variant. As said by the writer, it is clearly an attempt of immitating the line of MacBook series. Style wise, it is very minimal and surely rides along the “stylish and expensive” feel. Going to the Processor which is Intel N3450 (Celeron 2.2Ghz) and with a whopping 6gb of RAM you are assured to have a smooth and fast responsive usage of the laptop. The only thing that raises the concern of an average consumer is how can this device be repaired when broken? how can we avail for parts that is only available at the company’s retail store/repair centers? As this device is bought overseas, there is a limitation for a customer repair service to be available here in the Philippines. I would also like to point out that the laptop would be prone to overheating, the design is thin and you have an Intel N3450 2.2Ghz with a 6gb of RAM, ideal for on-the-go editing and surfing, using this laptop for a prolonged period of time is not ideal as it has powerful components and a poor ventilation system (referring at the unboxing video).

    In conclusion, if you’re looking at a very cheap, “only to be used for office works” laptop, this is the one for you. If you’re looking for an on the go laptop for editing, this is still a good choice, but expect it to get slow faster than you would use it for office works only.

  3. Nope. 3450 is low powered and doesn’t overheat as compared to the newer 4100. Plus for six months it hasn’t slowed down a bit thanks to the ssd instead of the usual mechanical hard drive. My only gripe is that despite the slim form factor, it is still heavy af. Hahahaha

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