5 Gadgets Every Road and Beach Warriors Should Have

Sometimes, heading out exploring the world can be a daunting task. No wifi. No power stations. Just pure, unadulterated adventure with nature. But that does not mean you will leave all your techs behind.

Summer is not over!

Sometimes, heading out exploring the world can be a daunting task. No wifi. No power stations. Just pure, unadulterated adventure with nature. But that does not mean you will leave all your techs behind.

Here are five gadgets every road and beach warriors should have on their next great adventure.


Phones are not just there for texts and calls or social media. Phones, smartphones – to be more specific, is also your digicam, your pocket wifi and your journal. The great thing about a good smartphone is that it’s handier to bring it in lieu of a notebook, map, radio, to-do list and a music player. Everything you need that will fit in a single pocket.

A good smartphone can do almost anything – and better.


The Huawei Mate 10 Pro has been on the market for a while which is actually a good thing because it is now more affordable than it’s release 6 months ago

Check out the Huawei Mate 10 Pro Impressions here.



Of course, despite bringing your phone with you, sometimes, hardcore adventurers and bloggers bring their big guns with them. Some bring their dSLRs and others bring a more practical device – a point and shoot (digicam).

A spare camera to go along your smartphone camera is important in capturing special moments. Every smartphone camera have a tendency to lag, freeze and shut down just when you need them most.



There are no Starbucks nor Coffee Bean at the beach (except in places like Boracay, I guess). But the need to bring a laptop is during those long bus or plane rides where you are void of any means of entertainment. Yes, you can always watch on your phone, but why confine it to yourself when you can share what you’re watching with that special person next to you?

A great laptop for travel are either the Macbook Air (11 and 13), The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro and other similar thin and light machines that won’t be too much of a burden to you. A laptop is also important during the end of the day when you are to watch and look at the photos and videos you have made so far. It wouldn’t hurt to save it on a bigger storage too and empty your phone and camera memory cards clean and fresh for the next day’s adventure.

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro

The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro serves as great travel laptop for it’s speed and mobility. It’s light but is a powerhouse with it’s Quad Core processor, 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.


Portable Speaker

Portable speakers are some of the newer devices to be considered a bare essential when it comes to travelling.

In every adventure we go to, every challenge we accept along the way, it pays to bring the bare essentials. Phone+earphone, laptop, USB charging dock, digicam and video stabilizers are a must-have for travel bloggers and outdoor lovers. or so I thought. Enter this little black contraption – The GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

The GadgetVerge Audio Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a small little device that packs a punch in it’s audio and versatility.  Affordable at 799php from Widget City, this baby is a great pair to your already included device/s: your smartphone and/or laptop.

You can buy or check out The GadgetVerge Bluetooth Speaker here.

You can also read our previous work about this speaker in our previous article entitled GadgetVerge Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker.


Portable USB Charging Dock

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple  or with a large group. You would need a way to juice up.

It may be clunky but it saves you the time in taking turns in using the power outlet. Sometimes, you will check-in on a hotel or on your favorite AirBnB accomodation and find either you only get one power supply or the power supply is far from convenient – beside you. A portable charging dock allows as many as ten devices being charged simultaneously.

Check out the Unitek 10 port Charging Dock here.

Also, for more travel inspiration, visit Rizanoia.

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