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We have been pretty busy lately that I haven’t addressed who we or what are. Hopefully this editorial blog (or blogitorial, will patent it soon) will clear that up.
Our move to Siteground last December have been both a blessing and a curse.

A self-hosted uglywriters.com gave us more features previously not available to us. It now gave us access to plug-ins such as Yoast, Wordfence (didn’t include jetpack our site which was previously WordPress-hosted was enjoying such featured already) and themes that made the site as it is now. Distinct and secured.
A self-hosted uglywriters.com also meant having to migrate everything and start off from scratch. Despite having imported all posts, categories and tags, we lost the biggest thing my writers valued – the likes and subscriptions. Our likes and follower count went back to zero. On a brighter side, we will eventually lose a lot more if we migrated much much later (yeah I know, I get to be a glass half-full kinda guy when given the circumstances). I just tell them that we can work on it again, this time, we know the science behind it.
I started this site alone but I was always open for it to evolve. I was more interested in acquiring great talents than avid readers.



I guess I always believed that as long as you have the voice, there will always be people who will listen.


I expected the site to evolve.
The evolution of uglywriters.com is courtesy of the writers on board. We don’t discuss where we are headed but thankfully, we just go there. We have dreams of it to go big but we never really formally discussed anything. We always fought and argued and cursed (under our breaths). We are dysfunctional. And I love it.
UW can be a blog and an influencer. It can be a literary blog or a book review blog or a tech blog depending on the writer. But for me, uglywriters.com is a haven for both writers and readers alike. UW is available for aspiring writers who would like to polish their skills and for readers who enjoy consuming a plethora of materials. I intended it to be our fortress of solitude when we’re having a shitty day, or as our batcave where we can share our innermost desires with anonymity.
With that said, I welcome everyone, readers and writers to the new and improved Uglywriters.com.

Please enjoy.


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