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Fresh from Bacolod airport, the three of us managed to grab a cab and then, a bus ride to Sipalay. And when things aren’t tiring enough, we ended up looking at three motorbikes that is supposed to bring us to the resort. On a regular day, it would’ve been exciting to ride behind a bike but because we are already tired from the 3 hour bus ride plus the luggages we are carrying, I begged off. My dismal look may have been caught by one of the drivers that they suggested we call the resort and have them request a tricycle ride instead.

So yeah, the tricycle ride came, and we are all geared up for a “short” bumpy ride. The “short” bumpy ride lasted for a good 15 minutes. I could still feel the vibe on my ass (no pun intended) after getting off. Once there, my friend and I mistook the drop of point for a supposed boat ride. Apparently, the resort is just beyond the port. And the path there looked like our backyard. I was kinda disappointed as I thought the long rides were not worth it.




Lo and behold, after the short pathway was an eye-candy. Bugana Beach Resort is actually a friggin hidden gem!




We got to the resort at around 9:00AM. Seeing the majestic accomodation behind the typical barrio scene was a breath of fresh air! We were served complimentary drinks while our room was being prepared. We checked out the menu and the amenities provided.




After being informed that our room is now ready, three attendants came and offered they bring it to the room while we finish our drinks. After a good five minutes (of chitchatting), we went up and was greeted by the crew waiting at our doorstep.



On our way to the reserved room, we were greeted by the veranda overlooking the resort. And the style is just so zen, we forgot our legs are aching from the commute.



Of course, we chose number one…


The room is huge for the three of us despite only having two single sized beds (we requested for another one). The bathroom, luxurious, to say the least, is stocked with the essentials. The veranda is spacious enough to accommodate enough legroom



The obligatory bed with towel art shot (whew, that’s a mouthful!).


Our itinerary revolved around swimming, eating, drinking and smoking and sleeping. All of which we accomplished with sheer pleasure. The management was great in accommodating our every whim (from wishing to dine at the far-end veranda at the second floor on our second day, to the mundane like borrowing extra pool towels).



Having dinner in style. The dinner – sumptuous, the scenery – spectacular!


Day two of our stay, we celebrated our friend’s birthday and the management was kind enough join in on the fun (when I said join in, I meant they were kind enough to help us in taking pictures, looking for candles and gave actual recommendation of good local beers)


We even got a complimentary present and crew singing happy birthday with glee.



When we got tired of the pool, we headed off to embrace the sun. I didn’t like it. But the ladies did.



Because I’m not a fan of rocky shores, we went back to the pool and spent hours enjoying it.

Oh, same went for Day Three.




This is the bunch while waiting for our tricycle ride going back to civilization. 😛


Due to the fact that our stay only involved swimming, eating, chilling and sleeping (and that I don’t have the time nor patient to check on the details of each picture), provided below are some of the pictures from our stay.


All-in-all, the road to the resort may be a pain in the ass, but everything about the Resort makes up for the ride going there! It is a must if you are visiting Bacolod!

Five out of five (5/5) Bacons!


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