Whether you are a student, employed or self-employed, there is no reason nor logic for you not to travel.

Dust off that passport and start checking out good spots to spend the weekend or the holiday alone or with a loved one. But before you do so, read our list of 5 reasons why you should travel.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel


To Unwind / As Therapy

Traveling provides a good way for you to relax. Yes, sometimes, traveling is a hassle especially if you’re coming from a traffic-infested city like Manila. But it’s also why you should travel. Get away from the hustle and bustle. Spending a weekend or an entire week away from your usual habitat rejuvenates your mind and soul. Stop thinking about work. Stop worrying about school. In a short span of time, leave your worries behind. Let those paperworks stack up on your desk for when you get back. Because when you do get back, you will have a rekindled sense of responsibility and drive.

Break the Monotony

Burn-out is a common dilemma for both students and professionals. The sight of constant stress prevents us from functioning properly. Break the routine. Isn’t the idea of having to worry whether you’ll have your breakfast at the beachfront or in your hotel room admiring the view from your penthouse suite a lot better than having to trudge that endless stack of documents in front of you? I know I would! Tedious tasks need fresh eyes and mind and traveling provides exactly that. Breaking the tedious process gives you a different perspective in life and in work. Great ideas come when you have peace of mind, not when you’re stressed and on a brink of meltdown.

Absorb Foreign Culture

Don’t get left behind. Experience different cultures. Learning new ones provide holistic development you cannot get from reading books or watching vlogs about them. You have to experience it first hand. Don’t let work or studies hinder you from the real learning. Understanding foreign words is fun. Navigating foreign streets with a map or a translator is exciting. Embrace the different environment albeit for a short period of time as the memories will live on. Enjoy different delicacies and rediscover stuff you read from geography and history books.

Treat yourself

Sometimes, material things aren’t enough. Yes, you will be spending and equal pot-load of money when you buy a new phone or clothes, but when you spend for travel, you are investing for memories. And memories are for keeps. Treating yourself to an adventure over an item has a longer-lasting sense of accomplishment. Plus it’s good for the soul. Also, if no ones appreciates you, remember that you have to pay yourself up for the hard work you do.

And a bunch of other useless reasons, but they all sound factual

Can’t complete that collection of snow globes or you ref magnet stuck on Boracay or HongKong? Update them by planning your next adventure. I recently started the ref magnet thing and it gives me a sense of achievement having to slowly fill up that metal panel with memorabilia from my previous escapades. I’ve heard of some people who collect rocks from all the beach adventures they had, or that one person who collects Starbucks mugs from the different countries/cities he’s been to. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you’ll go next or how much you spend, what is important is you are doing yourself a favor. Because you deserve it.

So dust off that passport and trolley bag and start booking your new adventure. Where will you go next? Where have you been the last time you had one? 


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