Loving Regrets: Trying to Regret

Published by Yancey McKinney on

the ugly writers

Trying to Regret


I don’t know how or what made us do it

but we did

All the firsts I’m guessing

Those moments you see on TV

you hear about on the radio

90 year old couples you see

still holding hands walking down the street

the way it should be

love conquers all

in the end that’s what you want to remember

We had a lot of good times

some we barely made it through

things that will never feel the same

unless it’s with you.

We were doing it.

What we set out to do.

Somewhere along the line we forgot about that couple.

Sad to say neither of us noticed it either.

We no longer saw how we made each other feel

So we fought over how we felt.

Slowly giving up

searching for anything that would help fill that emptiness.

I can’t speak for her or whether or not she believes me

I did try and what I did to help myself

I didn’t search for

It was there and took my mind off things

later taking me away from you

Telling myself you were selfish for not noticing

or wondering why I was making new holes in my belt

when it was me confused

For Better or For Worse and I decided to use

we weren’t saints

but I do apologize for not being there

that morning to work things out

maybe I expected too much or too little

either way I’m sorry.

So today I’m sober as I’ll ever be

and of everything I’ve ever wrote

I really hope this one reaches you

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