I lost three people that day

Three parts of me

Two well I guess three I’ll never see

The best part of myself

at the time hated

A third of my life I told myself

I wasted

Hard to cope

Relying on parts of the brain that dont work

over and over

the blame ,you and me

sit on a merry go round

leaping off

I’m about to be sick


in a whirlwind of memories

lost in moments I can’t explain.

I can’t point the finger at either of us.

How’d I get so lucky.

How’d knowing each other a few months

Turn into a celebration at coaches down on third Street.

In love.

a team

So in sync, our presence felt like one.

They’ll never have me

because getting rid of you is the same as me too.

When I told you

you’ll never get me

You did and still fucking do

The other two

my will and my sanity

No drive anymore

don’t even walk

barely a crawl

I dont care about love like that anymore and the one thing

that’s fucking driving me mad.

My worst fear is actually coming true

I’m gonna die alone with you.