Loving Regrets: Head Over Heels

Published by Yancey McKinney on

the ugly writers

Head over heels


If I’m wrong

I hope she stays gone

she doesn’t need another piece of shit

A girl like that doesn’t deserve this

I don’t know anymore

I can’t tell the difference

where am I?

am I tripping again?

what part of the brain am I fucking living in?

is this really reality?

maybe I’m hallucinating

not sure if I’m falling

just in case I tighten my grip

in the past I’ve fallen harder

but at that time I was just living

finally starting to see life

didn’t fit in and didn’t like it

said fuck it smoke a bowl

might be the last one, day

or maybe both

people say it takes everything

that’s hard to do

when I already gave it all to you

you said my possessions

I said ours

what I’m about to say

I hate to

sound corny when I think it

even worse when I said it


I have no one, it’s just me

needed a ,,,

ended up and nothing

nights that always stayed

nights I was down to my last breath

nights I’m not sure what happened

would it matter if I did remember it?

this might be hell

I don’t see a difference

this a dream

is what she’s describing

really me?

Is this all an act?

Am I staring in my own god damn play?

I can’t swim

I fell off the deep end

she’s right

I am fucking crazy