You were once my inspiration

The reason for my joy

The man who constantly brings excitement through my bones.

You… you are my dream.


You were something that keeps me awake at night

Active and jolly in the morning.

The one who can keep me positive.

Even when the world throws nothing but negative thoughts.


You were my sunshine

The brightest star at night

The best thing I ever had

And the person I always want to have.


Your effect to me is more than what coffee can ever bring

Cause you never fail to bring tension in me.

I always stutter whenever we talk,

And my heart beats thrice faster than usual.


But finally, we reached this point.

Where the term inspiration started to expire.

There is no more tension even when you’re around.

I could even sleep without having the thought of you.


I no longer feel any romantic excitement whenever I see you.

The joy was replaced with pain

The laughter was no longer heard

Does that mean I no longer love you?


Does it mean that our love has begun to fade?

Does it really mean that we no longer love just because our heart was showered with tears?

Is it really too late for us?

When the term inspiration became the expiration of the dream I once loved.


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