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Lonely Claim

I am your time that is up Your story that’s come to an end Your regrets and words unsaid. Your what ifs and maybes. Your whys and cries. Your hows and tries. Your breaking point and last stand. Your surrender and longest slumber.

Everything I touch decays,
Everyone I visit cries
Everywhere you go I visit.
I am your haunting shadow.
I am your lonely darkness.
I know not reason or fairness.
I know not harshness or kindness.

Some I bring sorrow
Others’ I give relief
But all coin me with fears.
I am neither harsh nor fierce
I don’t see your tears
or feel your soul as it sears.
Decay, is my favorite pair of shears.

Your life is my game
Young or old I claim
Rich or poor I claim
Healthy or sick I claim
Believer or sinner I claim
Happy or sad I claim
Good or bad I claim
Strong or weak I claim
Your soul is mine to claim.
Hurt is my maim
and loss my frame.
Death is my name
and man I always tame.

I am your time that is up
Your story that’s come to an end
Your regrets and words unsaid.
Your what ifs and maybes.
Your whys and cries.
Your hows and tries.
Your breaking point and last stand.
Your surrender and longest slumber.

I am never early or late
You can’t argue with me or negotiate.
You can run but I don’t procrastinate.
I don’t care if you cry or hate.
You have no choice but to partake
in my claim without having a stake.

Those I take, into ashes I make
Those I spare, I bid a retake.
Those I touch I usually break.
Heed my visit and prepare to partake
in joy and goodness for your own sake.
But don’t expect me to give you a break.

I am the cycle of beauty and decay.
I am the parable of value and time.
I am why you treasure and whine.
I am your solace and oblivion.
I am the end of man’s dominion
I am man’s hope for reunion
with loved ones and communion.
I am death life’s interjection
and eternity’s introduction.



Author’s Notes:
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Inspired by a prior brevity by Pasithea Anima Libera on
My Name Is
My name is the destroyer of pleasures
the conqueror of kings and citadels
the soul bounty hunter- Azrael.

Death or the angel of death is known in the east in Arabic by the phrase ” hadimul lathat” which literally translates to destroyer of earthly pleasures. He permeates citadels like gusty winds and overthrows kings from thones like a turmoil taking over with famine and plague. That is death and Azrael is his personification.


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Pasithea Chan

Pasithea is a budding Lebanese Filipino impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy and psychology.

Given her legal background having worked as legal and risk management consultant in MENA and the far east; she also writes legal and academic articles.

Her creative writing has been read on several podcasts and radios and was featured in several magazines and anthologies including: Envision Arts, Rigorous, Fevers of the Mind, Osprey's Empire, Voices of the Real and Suicide.

Having written 2500+ poems and more than 12 short stories; Pasithea writes in various styles but prefers pieces that have double meanings to allow a reader to delve deeper into her works.

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  1. Death is so scary to the point that if you die today, you’ll never know what will happen next; you’ll never know where we will go. But aside from the frighten we’re feeling from death, we tend to ask ourselves “will I be able to touch them? Will they feel that I still love them?”. It’s scary and sad to think that when you die, you can never be with your loved ones again..

  2. Yup, this piece, made me really, realized, how deep “death” is. And death, i think, is not something you should be scared of. But honestly, I am scared. LOL. I cant afford to lose another loved one. and i think, i wouldnt be able to bring back my shits together if death knocks again.

    ACT 183

  3. We can’t do anything if its our time now to face the death of ours, but we can make a choice that before we leave all the memories we make was worth remember by our loved ones.

  4. All of us will come to a certain end. Death is inevitable. We must accept that. We must be ready at all times. So we must live of life to the fullest. Death may bring loneliness to others but it may also bring joy to those who suffer and those who lived their life because they knew that even if they leave this place, there is one thing that marks them.

  5. Most of us fear death, because we never know when or how will be the end of our life. If we seize every moment of our life, there is no regret at the end and we can peacefully continue life after death.

  6. An inevitable ending game for the human being. This is the most scariest game everyone was required to be on it, no escapes no shortcuts. Article made every reader realize what you’ll leave or what you’ll get when the time comes. “I am the cycle of beauty and decay” the significant line I read from the article, there’s too much emotions and impact on it.

  7. Right after a long sentence is a period awaiting like in a long journey that there is destination that may occur subsequently, in short an end. It is true that people will never be ready for something like this. This may happen at the time we least expect it and may be delayed the moment we asked for it. And again we have nothing to do but to accept and let Him take control. As for now, let us not dwell on the thought that this may happen anytime soon rather focus and enjoy what you have today until it lasts.
    PS: it’s a great piece. hands down.

  8. I hope that the time would come that I am just waiting for my death because I’m already fulfilled of all the things I’ve done on earth rather than to be anxious when grim reaper is going to take me.

    Act 183

  9. For me, Dying is the most pure form of Beauty. We Return to our Innocence as a molecule of the body of the Creator, only to be Reborn in a higher form than before.
    Death, a beautiful reality of life none can deny. It is not something to be scared of it is just a start of new journey.

  10. The feeling of being alone brings out the emotions that we cannot express in front of others. We drown with those emotions that it affects the way we communicate with others. And sometimes we cut out people without realising it. It is hard but being alone shouldn’t make us lonely. It should give us time to contemplate on the things that we have done. We should fight the state of loneliness and we should be strong to face the future. Because life doesn’t stop when we are lonely. Continuing life may be a struggle but we should not give up.


  11. All of us would goes to an end. We can’t escape our death because it’s the cycle of life and death is inevitable. Death is most human afraid of, so I supposed there is no happy ending because it is an end or gameover of our playful life. Life is like a game, and we our all players. This game doesn’t have any reset button so people must enjoy this game and live this life to the fullest.


  12. Death is something that you cannot control. If it is your time you cannot stop it. Death is a really scary thing but we should accept it because all of us will go through it.

  13. Everything will come to an end. If it’s our time, it will. We can’t force things,we can’t predict when it will happen. It is scary if you will think of it so you better cherish the moments while you are living.

  14. Death is something we should not be afraid of because it is inevitable and natural. The only thing that we can do about it is to make our life worth living for.

  15. Everyone has their own schedule from being visited or to come with death. Death brings sorrow and grievance but everyone has their own time in this world, and no one knows how long one stays in the surface.

  16. Death is something that we will face someday. And we just need to be prepared, it is indeed “scary” but we must face it. It is not the end, it is just the beginning. As we are still living in this world, do the things that you want to do before you regret. Long live!

  17. ACT 183

    I realized that death does not choose who, where and when it will take. When its your time you cannot do anything about. We will just accept tha fact and go for it.

  18. Death is something we must not fear of especially when we are able to maximized our life when we are still alive.

  19. Marilou Mae Amparo
    Death is the only thing that no one can escape. We will never know when and where it will come. And it is the hardest thing to accept.

  20. Death is the end of someone but not of everybody. Death cannot be controlled because all of us will come to an end. We just have to accept the end of our time so spend it well as long as we can.

  21. I personally is not afraid of dying, because I think that when I die I will in my atmost peace and even though I don’t know what will happen next, I will feel very relaxed. I think if I die, I have already done everything and did my purpose innthis world.

  22. We must be ready everyday because we don’t know when we will die. Also everything will come to an end.

  23. Death is our final destination. This might bring sadness to our love ones but on the other side we must fearlessly face it. So, better live your life in the fullest and make everything worthwhile.

  24. Death is a natural occurrence to one’s life. The concept of death gives worth and value to life. It is the end where there’s no pain, sadness, and illness but an eternal rest. But even how beautiful I or you describe it, it is not a thing that anyone would wish for.

  25. death is the end of our life whether we like it or not. but we should not be afraid because there is another life after death.

  26. Cyce of in and out,
    An awful game of life,
    Commencement of journey,
    Termination of Drive
    You can run,
    But you cant hide
    Better to face with faith
    Then live with no regret

    Death is the name of the Game
    where no one can ever prevail

  27. A whole lot of us will come to an end. Death doesn’t chose whoever you are. Accept it and be ready for everything that might happen.

  28. Showing the natural order of everything. I think Death is somehow one of the best thing that can happen to us, Death gives value to almost everything. Not just the existence of something but knowing that everything will soon comes to an end.

  29. In this poem I realized that even we are healthy death would come. Death don’t choose who will they get. Death is always near us waiting for the time they will get us. Like in the poem if your time comes there is no more chances so we better live to the fullest. I am afraid of death because of my family I am afraid that I would live them sad but reality is reality we live and died in this world accept it or not time will come for us.

  30. We should not be afraid of death, death is not an end but a new beginning where there’s an eternal peace.

  31. Death is a scary thing for sure. Because you will not know what will happen next as the times goes by. For me Its so very hard to lose your love one and I think that’s the most scariest part is that losing your love ones in unexpected way.

  32. Galera, Peachy C.
    ACT 182

    Death is inevitable and whether we like it or not we are all going to die. It’s just that we have our own way on how are we going to live our life to the fullest.

  33. It’s the scariest thing above others, because it is the time that second chances doesn’t exist anymore. We can’t be with the people we love, that’s why while we ate living make the most out of it. Don’t do things that you may regret until the last breath of your life. Yes it is the saddest part of our life, but when the death came to us there’s no turning back to our lives.

  34. ACT182

    Fearing death will only make you weak in terms of accepting the truth. Yes I fear death but it is better to accept this fact and live your life to the fullest without regrets.

  35. It made me realized that all of us will died that no one can predict when this time will come, but it is not the reason for us to stop move forward and look for the brightest side of our life, used this gift from our God in a good and lawful actions.

  36. I’ve always feared death, who doesn’t? Death is one concrete example that we have no control over the things that are happening around us, we’ll never know when our last breath would be.

    MERCADO, Sheilla Mae O.

  37. Sometimes I wonder when will I die. Am I afraid? Am I ready? I don’t know. Death is something we can’t control. All the people in this world will face death because nothing is forever. Knowing that we will leave anytime soon hurts and those people who are left behind suffers the most. I realize that death is the beginning of another chapter of our life, we need to be ready.

  38. ACT182
    We need to accept the fact that everyone of us will die anytime. We have our different finish line, but it is not totally the end of our jouney. For me, I am not scared to die and I’m also not ready to die. You don’t need to be scared of the death.

  39. Death is always part of every humans life. But it doesn’t mean that death is the end ,sometimes it is a start of new beginnings and hope.

    Yumi Nakaniwa
    Act 182

  40. Death isn’t kind. It’s far and its black, as far as you can see you’re all alone. There’s no one else.

    Isiah David Dones
    ACT 182

  41. We don’t need to be scared about death, we just need to accept it and be ready about on the day that we already do our part in this world and to other people’s life.

    Frances Monique Benigno ACT 182

  42. Death is certain. What is uncertain is when. We don’t have to be very scared when we are talking about death. We dont know how or when we will die so lets treat each other nicely. Death is part of life, nobody is exempted.

    Act 182


    Death should not be feared as it is certain that we will all come to an end. To be honest, life is much scarier than death. Although, we may not know when, where, or how we will die. One thing is for sure, death is inevitable.

  44. Dianna Faye L. Cabungcal

    Our life is a borrowed one and death is inevitable. Whatever happens in our life, all of us will experience death and we cannot do anything to avoid it.

  45. “Death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new.” – Steve Jobs

  46. Death is the most scariest thing that no one will know when will the time comes. You will not know who or whom to your friends will be next. it’s scary they think it is but some reasons their will be life after death, as in you life will come when a person dies. Rav Dano ACT182

  47. Death is sure a scary thing if you look at it in a perspective of a person who is happily living his/her life. The thing is, a life of a person is a cycle and the end of every cycle is death.

  48. ACT 182

    Death is not scary at all, death only means another beginning in another world. The final destination of all people in earth is death, we can’t avoid death, that is why people should live life to the fullest.

  49. ACT-182
    This piece made me more realize how crucial the world and life is and death will just come. But I’m not afraid to die but I’m afarid to lose my loved ones because we know that everything has their end.

  50. Death is inevitable, but its not scary at all. That’s one of the living thing cycle. Born, raise as a child, teenager, adult and time will come and die

  51. we never know when or where we’ll going to die and when that comes that only means that out time has come to its end. though it sad both for our part and for the people we left so that we must appreciate now all the people we surrounded by. we must give time for our family and focus on the things that make us happy and give love to those people who give love to us and also we must learn to forgive and forget so that if we will going to die we can die peacefully.

  52. No one wants to die but everything has an end. It may be sad to those people who will be left here but as we are still here we should learn how to appreciate small things and the people that gives us happiness. We should also know how to forgive and accept forgiveness. So that when our time comes we will be at peace.

  53. We must live our life to the fullest ’cause we didn’t know where and when our last heart beat will end.

  54. Everyone of us has our time, the time that we will be gone in this world. We must live our lives to the fullest because every moment of life is a step towards death and be prepared to die at any time.


  55. It realize me that death is not a scary at all, we just need to accept our fate but atleast we are given a chance to see how beauty the world is. Also, we have a chance to learn how to love and that’s make worth to live with it.

  56. No matter how successful you are in life, when the death comes it will take everything away from you. As Alexander the Great said “We came to this world in empty hands and We will leave this world also in empty hands.”


  57. Death cause pain because we realize that the person you spend the most is now gone. But it is all about acceptance. Accept the things that you cannot change.

    Christine Sael-ACT184

  58. Ready or not, it comes and we can’t do anything about it. Most of the time, it surprises us. However, death must not be feared since it is a natural part of the course of life. What’s important is to just enjoy and live your life.

  59. This work made me realize that death is something that is not all bad. We always view death as something scary and dreadful but death can also be the opposite. It made me acknowledge how death can sometimes end a person’s suffering. ALthough it is inevitable, we must be open enough to accept death.

  60. The piece showed me a different perspective on death. Death is a natural chapter in life that sooner or later, we would all have to go through. Yes indeed it must not be feared. It must not be hated. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot and must not feel any sort of grief or pain when it does happen. Because the sorrow we feel when a loved one dies is as normal as death itself. It’s okay to be hurt however you cannot blame anybody, especially the Lord, for when it occurs.

  61. Death chases lives, some run for their life, some would prefer to gave up and let death catch them, and some would even run towards death. Eventually even if we run from death it would still happen we just don’t know which but don’t mind it and live life to the fullest, who knows if death’s journey to you has been delayed.

  62. Ma. Alcyra Aira M. Santos
    Act 184

    Death is constant for us. We are not given the chance whether will die or not. Someday, we will all face our final ending and face our creator. We are not to know on when and how exactly our death will be like but the opportunity to make the most out of our life will be all up to us. I think the life that has been lived fully by the means of kindness and happiness will be the best way to end a story.

  63. For some, death is scary. For others, it is not. We will never know when we will die, but we must accept it. Death is inevitable and it cannot be controlled. That is how life is, so we must live life to the fullest but by doing the right things tho.

  64. Kiara Nicole Llanes ACT 184

    I believe we should learn how to make the most out of everyday in order for us not to be scared for death because no matter we want it or not, we will come in that level of life.

  65. Death is inevitable. Learn to accept it because we don’t have a choice. One way or another, we will face our own ending. Just live and enjoy your life to the fullest.

    Naron, Grei-Anne

  66. Death is not only a death that people deals off because death is the process of how people live their lives. People are afraid of death that’s why people choose to live happily and enjoy things while they are alive. Death is also the reason of why people choose to stay healthy and acknowledge the every single things that may come to their lives just to be ready if the time of death will arrive atl east they live their lives at fullest. That’s why death is not only a death because it is important to every human to understand and to live their lives. You only live once.

  67. ACT184

    Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time… It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.

  68. ACT184

    Death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new.

  69. Death is a curse for others but sometimes a blessing for someone. It’s just a matter of perspective to those who are experiencing hardships or struggling about the death of their loved ones.

  70. Death is just really around us. We never know when and how will it happen. But one thing is for sure, all of us may be afraid of death but all of us will also come to this end.

    ACT 183

    Death cannot be escaped. It is the circle of life. We #should not fear death ,we should accept it and do what we can with our time here on earth. do what makes us happy, do what we want, do not let others dictate your life because in the end you are the one with regrets.

  72. Death cannot be escaped by any of us, that’s one of the most certain events will surely come anytime soon, it is inevitable, so be ready and make sure to do what you want, and make the most out of your life. yolo baby!

  73. Once our time is up we can’t do about it. We need to face that and keep on our minds that the only thing we can do is enjoy our life because we never know what will happen to us.

  74. This piece is so beautiful, it makes me more understand how meaningful the death is and why we should not be scared of it. it is scare t the most of us because no body told us what’ really happens after we die and the fact the we can’t be anymore be with our loved ones is really scary. But I hope when that day comes, I’m really ready to face the one where I came from.