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Lonely Claim

Everything I touch decays,
Everyone I visit cries
Everywhere you go I visit.
I am your haunting shadow.
I am your lonely darkness.
I know not reason or fairness.
I know not harshness or kindness.

Some I bring sorrow
Others’ I give relief
But all coin me with fears.
I am neither harsh nor fierce
I don’t see your tears
or feel your soul as it sears.
Decay, is my favorite pair of shears.

Your life is my game
Young or old I claim
Rich or poor I claim
Healthy or sick I claim
Believer or sinner I claim
Happy or sad I claim
Good or bad I claim
Strong or weak I claim
Your soul is mine to claim.
Hurt is my maim
and loss my frame.
Death is my name
and man I always tame.

I am your time that is up
Your story that’s come to an end
Your regrets and words unsaid.
Your what ifs and maybes.
Your whys and cries.
Your hows and tries.
Your breaking point and last stand.
Your surrender and longest slumber.

I am never early or late
You can’t argue with me or negotiate.
You can run but I don’t procrastinate.
I don’t care if you cry or hate.
You have no choice but to partake
in my claim without having a stake.

Those I take, into ashes I make
Those I spare, I bid a retake.
Those I touch I usually break.
Heed my visit and prepare to partake
in joy and goodness for your own sake.
But don’t expect me to give you a break.

I am the cycle of beauty and decay.
I am the parable of value and time.
I am why you treasure and whine.
I am your solace and oblivion.
I am the end of man’s dominion
I am man’s hope for reunion
with loved ones and communion.
I am death life’s interjection
and eternity’s introduction.



Author’s Notes:
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Inspired by a prior brevity by Pasithea Anima Libera on
My Name Is
My name is the destroyer of pleasures
the conqueror of kings and citadels
the soul bounty hunter- Azrael.

Death or the angel of death is known in the east in Arabic by the phrase ” hadimul lathat” which literally translates to destroyer of earthly pleasures. He permeates citadels like gusty winds and overthrows kings from thones like a turmoil taking over with famine and plague. That is death and Azrael is his personification.


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