Creative Flow


The mind said: I never said

it would be easy,

I only said

it would be worth it.

The heart replied I never said:

it would be hard

I only said

it would be a good start.

Listen you two, the eyes said:

because of you I can’t tell what’s what

for I only reflect what you two said

So where do you suggest I look?

So the soul said: I never said

you two get to judge.

I only said that you two say

what it means to me as I see it.

Night fell and all four said:

Creativity is a conversational flow

between a heart, mind and soul seeking to glow.

Where there is memory, a feeling must play

and a quill must dance and spill a heart’s will.

Where there is a moral, a story must connect

a mind’s philosophy and outlook with life’s brook.

So long as this conversation flows, creativity blows

a soul into the body of words leaving a poem a living

breathing, talking, and moving creation.



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