She often said seldom

Never seldom alone. Kinda


A decorated holiday tree

unlighted patches, ornaments broadly spaced



Flowerbed collapsed blooms

some late-appearing



A non-grassy sideyard, always shaded

rummaged too much too hard by kids


She never learned to drive

(and he never taught her)



Ready to go somewhere, or finished shopping


And Sunday night meals



(How did we make it on his take-home?

which he doled – after being asked)



And when she (seldom)


spoke up, it was clear, a bell


His affairs – he never let on, she let him know




we (all of us) never told her

his request, yet she knew



Leukemia 16 years, outlived 3 mum doctors, then


Her heart failed

worked on her sixty minutes

his decision, brought her back

wasting on a ventilator



on the clipboard















French inhale, pause, stream exhaled –

That looks kinda seldom over there. That spot




Don’t know why. Garden is kinda seldom this year



Making the grass kinda seldom, aren’t ya



Never futzed with that

       (so she walked until hardly)


Near done


We’re having scarce stuff

(waffles, whipped cream, canned peaches)



Eighth-grade dropout, she could add a column of

4-place numbers 8-high, in her head


Let me speak my mind here


No doubts about her street-smarts


From now on, friend husband

(Separate beds. Good-night kisses kinda seldom)




My blood has plenty. But thin, hardly.

Alot tired, phew 







on her face



she wrote

no more