Disclaimer: This does not in any way have a moral lesson. This is for the sheer enjoyment of sharing.


Bills. Work. Bills. Work.

This used to be me almost a decade ago. It made me who I am today.

But who exactly am I now?

Before I dwell on this thought-provoking crap called self-reflection, allow me to go a decade deeper. Fifteen years ago, I was just like you. Broke. Clueless. Uncoordinated. This was me for the better part of my college years. But unlike you, I did not go to parties not because I’m a cheapskate. I did not go to any out-of-town activities because the commute sucks the life out of me. No. I did none of those because time did not permit me. I had to work my ass off just to get by. No, we are not dirt poor (although we weren’t as blessed back then as we are now, mind you). I just did not have the habit of asking for money other than for the usual tuition fee and travel allowance.

After college, my first job was as a Customer Service Rep for a Contact Center in Makati. It did not do any good on my finances nor did six more odd jobs and companies after it. But it was okay as I did not want much in life. Eventually, I was able to pick footing and landed some more jobs that paid well. But come to think of it, the more I worked hard for, the harder the cravings for material things came. My first personal purchase was my dependable Nokia n97mini and a second hand iPod Classic (that 80GB model). And it was such a delight to have experienced buying something from my hard work. I bet you would too. Right? So I had my old Nokia last for more than five years and it even survived the emergence of the first iPhone, which my dad got for himself from his business account from Globe. The Nokia lasted longer than the first iPhone. But this one is set for a whole different story.

That was the last time I felt really proud and contented with what I bought.

Years went by and my phones started coming and going. My first ever Android was an HTC Rezound (first ever to have a dual camera) back in 2011. It only lasted for three years, and I was craving for something new. A lot more androids came and went by. Then I moved on to cameras. Same scenario. I started obsessing with having the best and the latest. I feel like everything I wasn’t enough, despite spending lots of times checking out reviews and feedbacks. I was addicted to gadgets. From smartphones to cameras,  phone accessories to personal computers and gaming consoles. I was in an exciting yet dangerous freefall. I only realized it when I maxed out my credit card.

That was me being stupid.

But don’t have any funny idea that I learned my lesson. I still buy stuff. Half of them I still don’t really need.

The only difference now is probably the fact that I have more control over my impulse (riiiigggght). I also earn a lot more to satiate my thirst for material things. But f*ck, I do love to shop. Spend it like you mean it, b*tch!

How about you? List down five most expensive things you bought that goes beyond logic. Why did you buy them? Do you regret it now? Also, what is that one object you didn’t buy/wasn’t able to buy (for any reason) but you feel that it would’ve sparked joy into your life if you did?