Posted on April 5, 2017, by Kora Kaaghaz
Find Time To Break Up With Yourself

You might have been in many relationships in your life. However, there’s none more dysfunctional, depressing, agonizing and sometimes, more harmonious, then the one between your head and your heart!

We all have those quiet times when we sit alone, with broken pieces of memories and despair has crystal cleaned our soul of any hope. It is only then we realize that the true enemy is no longer outside our self.

From then on begins a series of games we play with people who don’t even know they even had a small part to play in it. We try to outmaneuver the figment of our own imaginations until we give up to settle for a loss, and realize that for a person who’s destroyed from the inside won’t even try to imagine having a glimpse of triumph. That person becomes obsessed with the war between the head and the heart.

We know the truth; we know it exists. But we keep on drowning ourselves to such a state of powerlessness that we find it hard to even breathe a sigh of fresh air – which at times is the only thing we need to recover again. We victimize our hearts so much by listening to our devilish brains that we end up loosing control on ourselves.

The Head continues to question every move, and the Heart just continues to get hurt with every move.

The Head just obsesses doing everything, filling our Heart with regrets and forcing us to sink in the pool of our own regrets.

When done, the Head blames the Heart for being such a loser and not being able to handle the pressure, which breaks it into pieces.

The Head Blames the heart, Blames you, me, and every other fictional character it can conjure up to blame for the growing pain we are suffering.

If you try to run away from their war, you’ll end up running nowhere. They might ceasefire for a while, but they’ll start again, at their will, when they find it suitable. They’ll wait for you like a predator. They are way more patient than you can ever imagine being. You can’t avoid it. It’s like a slow poison traveling through your body, killing you by the second. There’s no way to escape from it.

The only aid you can get for yourself: “Dude..we really need to talk it out before you eat me up!”

For them, it really doesn’t matter who broke up with whom, the head and the heart can’t live without each other. That’s the sole reason behind the whole drama. In the meanwhile, the head can think and do all the miraculous random stuff it does and the heart will never stop to amaze us by loving all the different kinds of things and people and weather and moments and chats. They will eventually grow back to being together, just like they were before the war broke out.

Head and the heart have the ability to be the most fierce combination that helps one survive the most difficult of times. They are like twitter and #hash tags. You can try, but you can’t separate them for long.

And they are the most amazing things to come out from mother nature..but not for now. Not for me.

At present, my head and my heart are on a break. And that too, a voluntary one! I know it was time to break up with myself. What about you? How do you manage to break away from yourself? Do you have a favorite destination that you go to in order to find solace? Is your heart at peace with your head after a Snickers chocolate and a can of your favorite drink?

Tell me about your way of getting away from all the hassles of life and giving your heart and your mind a break to sort things out. We all need to have a break.


By Immad Uddin Khan


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