Book Review: This Could Be About Either Of You by Anna Long

"This Could Be About Either Of You" is a modern collection of poems curated in a way that would let the readers feel they are part of the author's fictional journey.


TITLE: This Could Be About Either Of You
AUTHOR: Anna Leslie Long
PUBLISHER: Self Published
GENRE: Work Compilation (Poetry)
LENGTH: 59 Pages
FORMAT: Paperback and Digital (Kindle Edition)

A Brief Review

I know The Ugly Writers haven’t been publishing a lot of book reviews lately but bear with me.

So I got this book off of Amazon called “This Could Be About Either Of You”. It’s a modern collection of poems curated in a way that would let the readers feel they are part of the author’s fictional journey. Do not let the book fool you with its feminine imagery and youthful minimalistic design. It’s a diamond in the rough. Reading each page unravels more about the life she lived. And boy, when I said not to let the book cover fool you, you have to believe me. The book’s approach is refreshingly different as you are brought to a fictional world told through the lens of the narrator and broken into a series of surprisingly gripping poems. Each one tells a segment of the fictional life of the narrator. Equally compelling as an individual piece, and truly worth the time binging as a whole.

Today I took your name out of my mouth.
Dissected it from my vocabulary.
Split my tongue in two and uprooted every bud that had
tasted your name.

C’mon, who wouldn’t be able to relate to this kind of visualization?!

My Ratings:

Title: ☆☆☆☆  (4/5)
Book Cover: ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)
Plot, Narration & Storyline: 4.5/5
Overall Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5) (Highly Recommendable)

About The Author

Anna Leslie Long (you can just call her Anna) is a couple of things, but most notably a long-time lover of the written word. When it comes to books, she’s often re-reading her favorite fantasies or taking pictures of her newest purchases for her Instagram account.

The author with her book This Could Be About Either Of You

She’s also enthusiastic about other things, such as 80’s new wave, journaling, sesame tofu & and exploring the wilds of the mountains, hoping to find a goblin market or a portal to another realm. So far she hasn’t found any, but she’s still hopeful. Whimsy aside, she’s also content sipping iced tea on her back porch, spending time with loved ones, and making bad jokes.

Anna lives in North Carolina, with her fiance, her lizard, her frogs, and her fish. “This Could be About Either of You” is her first publication.


My Recommendation:

Get this book from Amazon today. Here’s the link! It’s not an affiliate link. I just want more people to check this book out! I’ll try to make an in-depth review of this soon.



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