On Losing Friends… 

They say we lose friends and we gain new ones.

It’s really devastating to be in an actual process of losing one. To actually see it take place and this is never the kind wherein you two just drift away. This loss is happening. Here and now. You know it. But you can’t do anything about. Inevitable. Sucks, right?

Losing a friend feels like you are losing a part of you. You are giving up on something or someone that has been a part of your system, your routine. Losing a friend makes familiar places feel alien, daunting, scary.

When you bid good bye to your dearest of friends and you know it is for good,it takes a toll on you. Like a soldier coming home from war. PTSD, much? 

Eventually you heal, but you will never be the same person you once were. You see someone who’s been with you through good times and rough walk away. You let someone who knows you like a brother or a sister and yet with a few words turn like a total stranger. It’s tough. Like a big slump in our throat. You shrug it off, but you know it’s there and it’ll eat you up. Drive you nuts. But you have to let it flow. You have to lose that someone who’s been with you when you were down and out, someone who have seen the worst and the best of you and pray for the best.

Many times you see people leave, and it’s common, but it really is a different kind of emptiness when the one leaving is someone special. Void. There is this cold and nagging feeling you can’t pinpoint.

Everytime you lose a friend, you change. It’s like a visit to the dentist, sometimes, you have to do it even if it is damn fucking hard. And you are never the same when you leave the clinic. You’re different. Changed.

Everytime you lose a friend, you adapt. You adjust and recuperate. You may never be the same, but hopefully, you change for the better. You should see to it to be so.

Time will heal you. It doesn’t sound too comforting at first but it will. And you’ll look back at this exact moment and say to yourself “that isn’t half bad”. You will move on, meet a lot and will value a few ones.

Abstain from regrets. This too shall pass.

Give yourself time to heal and then make friends anew.

Acquire new skills, study a new language. Make yourself better. Opening yourself to new possibilities will also open you to new groups of people that would interest the new you.

Invest your heart and mind to people. Disappointments are a given. Do not tire.

Never give up looking for new ones. A friend you lost is another person’s gain. You may never know, the ones you lost may find themselves in front of your doorstep again.

Taken January 2012


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  1. “They say we lose friends and we gain new ones.”
    – sometimes this is true but thumbs up to friends who doesn’t change after not seeing each other for some time. 😀

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