Full Scholarship – University of Makati School of Law

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Ever wanted to pursue a career in the legal industry? Curious as to how you’ll fair as a law practitioner? Wonder no more and avail the scholarship offered by the Univerity of Makati School of Law.

Invitation for FULL SCHOLARSHIP – University of Makati School of Law

Hello everyone, I hope this note finds you well! Under the deanship of former Vice President Jejomar Binay, the University of Makati has established the School of Law with the vision of developing future Filipino lawyers who will excel both in theories and the practice of law – anchored on the principles of love of country, justice and the rule of law. The University is offering forty (40) scholarship slots for its Juris Doctor program complete with free tuition and miscellaneous fees, a stipend of PHP 10,000.00 per month, and a yearly book allowance of PHP 20,000.00.

As such, it is our pleasure to invite you or any member of your company who is dreaming of becoming a lawyer. Enjoy the benefits of studying law without the worry of paying for expensive books and school fees. To apply for the scholarship grant, please furnish the following preliminary requirements and email those to pgatinga.law1715715@umak.edu.ph & eamarcelo@yahoo.com:

1. Letter of Intent addressed to Dean Jejomar C. Binay
2. Scanned Transcript of Record
3. If available, Philippine Law School Aptitude Test (PhiLSAT) Certification
4. Curriculum Vitae, and;
5. Essay of 750 words max answering the question, “Why do I deserve to become a UMak School of Law scholar?”

We are hoping that you will find encouragement with the scholarship offering of the University of Makati.



Ernest Adams P. Marcelo
Chairman, Law and Justice – Golf
School of Law
University of Makati
+63 917 574 7336


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