Crazy Beautiful Sisa

Crazy Beautiful Sisa

On their way to SM Megamall, she thought of her sons enjoying the video game she would buy and decided to cook dinner for them. They passed by a church and she remembered that there is free wi-fi in that area

Sisa is busy admiring her newly bought Louis Vuitton bag while singing her favorite song in front of the mirror as she gets ready to go out for her afternoon relaxation hobby for she was exhausted waiting for her husband last night from the casino.

Sisa: “Versace on the floor, take it off for me, for me for me for me now boy… (looking at her bag and face vice versa while doing her hair and makeup)

After her routine, she called out her driver and rode their Lamborghini for shopping.

Sisa: Fernando! Where are you? Take me to SM Megamall, I need to buy a hairclip and Xbox for Crispin and Basilio.

Fernando: Yes Ma’am! (while opening the car door)

Sisa always thinks of her kids. She loves her kids so much and she is willing to do anything for them.  

On their way to SM Megamall, she thought of her sons enjoying the video game she would buy and decided to cook dinner for them. They passed by a church and she remembered that there is free wi-fi in that area and then she said:

Sisa: Sheez. I already consumed too much data! Quickly Fernando! Let’s go back to the church I need to access the Wi-Fi to download my recipé for tonight’s dinner.

And Fernando quickly obeyed. 

Upon access to the Wi-Fi, she noticed a sudden increase of figures from her bank account. Her employer had deposited her 13th-month pay. She downloaded the recipé’s and get back on their way.

 After purchasing her hairclip and her sons’ Xbox, she went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for their dinner.

Sisa: Fernando, I’ll be heading to the grocery store to buy Turkey, Wine, and Pasta. You may go wherever you want but leave the car and the keys with me. I don’t feel at ease when you’re around.

Fernando: Yes, ma’am here are the keys. But Can I borrow at least 100 pesos? I didn’t bring any money with me. (asking shyly while scratching his head)

Sisa is a bit pissed but she still handed down the 100 pesos.

Fernando: Thank you so much!

Sisa: My goodness Fernando.

Fernando got off with a huge smile on his face. And Sisa continued to do her business.

After shopping Sisa was assisted by the grocery store bagger to bring all her purchased items to her car and then she drove her car back to their house. She immediately went to kitchen to cook all the food she had purchased.

While she was cooking, she took a selfie and uploaded it on instagram.

Sisa: I need to let my followers know that I am happy cooking for my family! (then she took a selfie then she’ll say while typing..) Cooking dinner for my husband and kids! Hashtag model mom, hashtag always pretty, hashtag i love my family, hashtag mommy life.

Sisa was so happy that she decided to have her facebook live. She decided to sing I’m a barbie girl

Sisa: I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world! (while facing her front cam and dancing)

After a minute, her husband came together with Fernando and  they ate the food. Sisa was so puzzled because her husband, Pedro and Fernando are acting sweet to each other that she shouted out loud.

Sisa: What are you two doing?! Are you out of your mind?!

Pedro: Well, we are not. I’m actually planning to tell you this a long time ago. But I am afraid.

Then Fernando butts in.

Fernando: I love him and he loves me. We were actually dating each other for quite sometime.  

Pedro: Oh and by the way thanks for the dinner! I’m sure the kids won’t mind.

Sisa stayed blank faced after hearing those words. After a few moment, she immediately get her phone and tweeted.

Sisa: You know what?! I’m gonna tweet this! I’ll let the whole world know that I am in deep sorrow and stress. My husband and my driver are dating! Why is this happening to me?! What have I done?! (reading it outloud while angrily typing)

The two just watched her do her thing and continued to be sweet with each other. Sisa lost her appetite and decided not to eat dinner for tonight she ran through the kitchen then sat down in the corner. She was smiling while crying as she was looking at the number of retweets her latest tweet got.

After several minutes, Crispin and Basilio finally arrived home. And took stolen photos of their mom. Without knowing the reason behind their mom’s actions they decided to upload it on their snapchat.They thought their mom would be thrilled and surprised if she would be on their day.

Basilio: Oh! Let’s upload this on our day!

Crispin: Yes! Nice idea! O don’t forget the hashtags and the caption! It would be better!

Basilio: Okay, okay but let’s just use hashtag. I’m too lazy to think of caption right now.

Crispin noded.


And Sisa continued to dwell on her sad reality and prepared herself to accept the situation.


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