BID Awards in New York – A hoax

It’s my boss’s birthday. He’s in a good mood, in turn, everyone is in a great mood.

Then we get this.

Initially, my boss/dad is ecstatic about the news so I studied the letter carefully. It looked legit. It sounded legit. It felt like it too.

We’ve been in the local industry for more than thirty years now and despite having some recognitions from our clients, we haven’t been nominated, more so awarded, by a foreign entity. 

The letter starts with the award-winning body announcing that our company, the DM Hernandez Engineering, a local thriving technical firm for 30 years, has won an award in the, ehem, GOLD CATEGORY at BID’s 2017 International Quality Summit.

DMH Engineering has been selected to receive the International Quality Summit (IQS) Award in the Gold Category at the International BID’S Quality Convention which will take place in New York, the United States of America, on Monday, May 29th. The decision to present this award is the result of research and analysis carried through Quality Hunters, leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in quality, directed by Business Initiative Directions (BID), to recognize

The first paragraph sounds very encouraging. My boss even believed it to be real. From the untrained eyes, one would never have guessed otherwise. But we have google now. So I did some digging. Lo and behold, they have an actual website to compliment the concept. Everything looked legit.

Feel free to check the very elaborate website here.

Again, this is hoax. Learn to be inquisitive and study the fine line. If it’s too good to be true, it must be fake. With all the things we see, online or offline, we must learn to verify.

Here are some site where the alleged institution was mentioned:

Enticing Award, but Meaningless

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