My Dear Child


My dear, stop for a while and think Look around you, and don’t ever blink Do you see now with your own eyes? Do you hear it now, with your own ears?
Come, my child, carefully listen To the howl of ways long forgotten Close your eyes, listen with your heart That is my voice being torn apart
Years ago, I once had been saved From the intruders, I’m once a slave Years after, I’m again a slave
From my own people I can’t be saved
With my last breath near on the line My dear child, wake up, wake up, its time Look around you and wisely per-pend

What have you done to your motherland?”



I look away and cast my eyes down.
I cover my ears and pretend there’s no sound.
I swallow my conviction and stay silent.
I cower in fear and weep in abhorrence.

Forgive me mother for I have sinned. I have violated you, flesh and skin. I plead guilty without a doubt. From my actions and words I am indeed a coward.
Thus, I ask for your forgiveness though I am not worthy.
I ask for your guidance for me and for this country.
I vow now to wake up, make a stand and never forget.
I vow now to see, hear and speak than to regret.

Henceforth, I kneel in front of you and renounce my oath.
To love, protect and up hold.
Until my last breath, until I am again worthy of you.
I will seek to restore this country anew.


An Advocacy of FIN131 Young Pepe

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  1. Nathaniel Renegado
    Nathaniel Renegado

    I feel like I’m saying goodbye to you, and in a way, I suppose I am. I will always love you. I want the very best for you and I’m prepared to do the most unnatural thing, a mother can ever do. My minds screams, I’m abandoning you. Oh, I know you’re all grown up, but to me, you’ll always be my baby. That’s part of the problem. My nature is to protect you. I see you broken and despairing, and I am broken and despairing too. If you had cancer, or heart disease, I would fight tooth and nail to get you the care you need. In a strange way, this is me fighting. It’s the hardest fight I’ve ever fought. It would be far easier to stand at your hospital bed, knowing that what I was doing was helping you. But there is no hospital bed. There is no cancer, or heart disease. What there is – is an insidious little secret – one that has grown into a horrible, ugly beast. It is devouring you alive, and me, along with it. I’ve watched this monster grow. I pleaded with it. I’ve coddled it. I’ve even nurtured it. I’ve done everything I can think of to make this THING go away, but it’s relentless. And I am left to face the truth. You my precious child, are an addict.

    Nathaniel Renegado 🙂

  2. Julia Bien D. Florencio CIV151

    Everybody has the chance and responsibility to help the country be successive. We may have sinned to hurt our country, but we can change ways to repair the damage we’ve left. All we just need to do is contribute for the country’s growth even in our smallest ways. Even being disciplined can show patriotism for the country. We can also show respect to national symbols and idolizing them for their good deeds. We can be an honest tax payer to fund our country. There’s countless ways to show patriotism, all we need to do is to take one step at a time.

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