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Proof of Life

I’m stressed but read on to know why. And oh, this is my proof of life!

I’m stressed out of my mind!

Oops. Let’s rewind for a bit and let me start from the beginning. It has been almost six months since I went through hell and back (Read Rollercoaster and Diabetes and my other articles). And now I’m stressing about a totally different issue in this chapter of my adult life (yes, I was stressing out too when I was a teenager).

Don’t get me wrong, unlike the past few stresses I went through, this has got to be the best, if not the greatest.

So I have a new position, yes, same company. But a totally new working environment! I’m now working with young core team players that will hopefully stay and be pioneer members of our new campus. My past few months away from The Ugly Writers was because of this daunting role. It was (and still is) nerve-wracking. One would think I would choke and succumb to my impostor syndrome. Maybe. Probably. But I just don’t have the luxury nor the time to dwell on it. I have a school to run!

Setting Up the Set-Up

Before taking this role, I evaluated myself and checked if I am up for the task. I’ve done the same job for almost five years as a Director for the General Education department, and ten years as a teaching faculty of the university. It led me to explore my passion in photography with Shoot with Hero, and in writing with The Ugly Writers. But I realized I need to sustain these same passion projects (and earn a living) that is why I decided to walk the uncharted route and take the job.                                   

Is it paying off?

Most definitely! As early as now, my new job description allows me to take bolder decisions, to make risky plays, and to double my sense of accountability. I’ve always played safe in both my personal and professional life. This has worked well for me for years, but it also hindered me to explore new things, try out new stuff.

Dealing with S-T-R-E-S-S

Aside from being in the right headspace, I deal with stress by playing games whenever possible.

2Fuse is a quick and dead simple puzzle game with just a few rules and some fun animations and sounds to keep it lively, paired with a gameplay model that will keep things fresh no matter how many times you play.

Android Central

I play a decade-old game called 2Fuse if I only have my offline phone with me. But instead of aiming for a high score, my goal is to level up my account in as short time as possible. Yes, that’s a stupid way to play the game. But hey it works! I still get to feed my competitive side with my gameplay.

Whenever I do have wifi or data, I play some casual games from Culinary Schools Org.

I stumbled upon Culinary Schools Org recently when I was researching course offerings for our campus – Culinary Arts. The website gave me good insights into the field of Culinary Arts, from its relevance to the ideal nature of the institution opening such a program and how I can adapt it on our campus.

However, I realized the website has more to offer than simply providing me with highly useful information for my research work. Culinary Schools Org – Cooking Kids Games has a decent collection of cooking-inspired games! Whether they included the games as a prank or not, this is a genius move.

I play games from the website on my desktop/tablet and despite them being casual games, you would need an internet connection to access the website.  

One of the games I play is Merge Coffee. This is cute! I mean I don’t know how this works but I’m having fun with it! Sometimes, that’s what really matters.

The second is Open Restaurant. I’ve always loved playing simulation games. In a way, I think that is how I handle whatever task I am assigned to. Add to the fact that it looks so minimalistic makes me want to play it often.

The Wrap-Up

I can think of a few reasons why am not too stressed about this stressful job:

  • Being grateful – I am just glad I have a job I can commit my life to
  • Knowing my place – I know I am in a better headspace now
  • Being trusted – I feel fortunate for the confidence the company has given me
  • Knowing when to have fun – Having fun should be mandatory. If you don’t have a reason to, make one!


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