Super Hero

Maybe we really are not bound to fly.

But nobody said our spirit cannot soar high.

When I was a kid, I’ve always thought I could fly (I was a very imaginative kid back then). I emulate my favorite super heroes. I thought that I could be a super hero, fighting bad guys, helping the good ones, saving the day.

But as I grew older, wiser, I realized I am never destined to fly. I will never fight bad guys nor help good ones as a flying crime-fighter. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to touch lives and help people as an average Joe. I still would want to help people. And I would like to think that I do. Or else the nine year old version of me would be really disappointed right now.

We will never fly. Levitate. Leap tall (and short) buildings in a single bounce.

But our spirit can.

Super Hero

What was your dream when you were young? Will the kid version of yourself be happy with what or who you had become? Let me know in comments

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  1. Castillo, Jan Ericson S., MAR141

    Aspirations of a young mind are the craziest. Mine? I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. But as my mind started to conceive things, I realized it was quite impossible. After realizing it wasn’t for me, I said to my little self that I would become a pilot because my father told me that it is a high-paying job. But of course you have to shell out a large sum of money before becoming one. Having raised in a mid-class family and realizing that my parents couldn’t afford it, I junked that dream. I started to figure out what I really wanted to become and I was convinced that I would work my ass off as a businessman.

    Yeah, I know there are a lot of people who have the same dream as mine. But mine is quite a bigger one. I want something that most aspiring entrepreneurs doesn’t dream of- having my own company and taking it public. You might be thinking, how the eff is he going to achieve it? But yeah, that’s what my inner hero wants. I dream of creating high-value jobs using my company. Aside from that, I want to my future investors to become rich by investing in my company. Lastly, I would like to donate to some charities. I know it would be a rough journey for me. But who knows? I might be the man who will change the world.

  2. Kimberly Tienzo, Arc 131, Sociology MQ2
    Xenocentric- as joe grew older he figure things out that reality is greater than dreams. He said that even though we couldn’t have super powers or fly, we can still be nice as a person

  3. I really enjoyed your post, it reminded me of my childhood dream of being an author. Also, of being an astronaut. The first one was my fallback, astronaut was the big one. I never made it to space but I still watch everything from the ESA and NASA.

  4. being a catalyst doesn’t mean the world can benefit can benefit from you being one. sometimes one just has to conform instead of trying to make things happen. someone who wants to change the world is someone who is either strong,unique,rich or maybe just someone with big dreams. normal people can’t be catalyst unless they have the strength or feeling to become one. the world cannot benefit from catalyst unless they do make a difference, and that difference should be a good one and not a bad one.

    Psy 152 John Salandanan

  5. Atienza, Lance C

    I’m a catalyst because I think everyday I tried to make a small difference by doing good deeds each day though I know it’s a small part but it can make a difference collectively and somehow at some point of somebody’s life they can see what Im doing to change our world.

    It’s ok to be a different in this world for as long as someones is seeing about what you are doing and they follow you in that path. It doesn’t matter if how popular or unpopular you are as long as you re doing the right thing with your principles and morals and values then that’s all that matters.

  6. Just like everyone else can be, I am a catalyst because I try to make small and simple things everyday that in time can make a difference in my life. I think change doesn’t just happen after one decision. Change happens after multiple of choices to stick with a decision. Everyday I continue to choose to do things that I know will produce good results in my life such as continuing a good habit. If you want to make a difference in the world, you have to first start with yourself. Once you are able to help yourself first, then that’s the time you can also help others. If you can make a difference in your own life, then you can also help others make a difference in their lives. None of us is perfect but we all have the power to make a change. We also all have the power to influence others for good. But like what Mahatma Gandhi said: “You must be the change you wish in the world” first.

    ♡ Michiko Jinno
    Sociology MQ2

    being a catalyst helps me because even in a messed up situation i always think of having positive outcome instead of stressing myself and making it worst. I think my nine years old self will be happy of what person i became right now even though this person is not her i ideal person but she happy because she conquer all the storms that she encounter and she keep on leveling her self up everday. Change starts with your self big or small things i will be helpful with world. it is important that you are aware that everything is possible and you are bigger than your concern.