The G Theme for LG Home+ (LG v20/G5/G6 (Nougat) by Mark Bencze

You rarely come by a theme developer so passionate that he never misses the most intricate detail. We last featured Mark Bencze and it’s obvious the man is dedicated as he is highly creative.

Meet his latest creation, the G Theme, soon to be available at the Google Play Store.

From the last convo with Mark, he teased The Ugly Writers that he was working on a new theme. That’s all he said, damnit!

Don’t you just love a good tease?

So I am about to install the new theme.
Upon installation and application of the theme on your Theme settings, you will automatically notice the fine collection of colors that I find actually soothing in the eyes. Usually with third-party theme develops, they often leave out Play Store apps to dust and focus on stock apps that comes with the supported device like Messaging, Dialer, Calculator, Clock and Settings.

So far, I am loving the wrapper he made with all the icons. It made Android consistent for a change. Yes you still get to see the original icons for third party apps but the the wrapping made it look uniform and distinct at the same time. Notice how every wrapper complimented the icons, take for example, Textra.

With the Messaging app, you will notice the small touches the developer integrated. Bright, material design-esque color palettes make this theme look like it came from a totally new manufacturer OEM.

The gradient for text bubbles shouts premium all over. I am not a big fan of stock messaging for its downright boring look. But the dev made it gorgeous that I might uninstall textra altogether.

The keyboard looks stock yet creates identity of its own. The keys are well-spaced with its chicklet look making me actually love the number pad for the first time.
Settings Page (Tabbed View)

The toggles actually look very “Google-y” which I really like. Despite having a very minimimalstic feel, it made the Settings page look more alive than before.
Settings Page (List View)

Same can be said with the List View.

The Dialer has subtle accent universally available all over the theme that it retains the minimalistic feel and still be able to provide a fresh distinct look.




If I haven’t wetted your geeky appetite enough with this teaser, I dunno what will.

Look forward to this theme on the Google Play Store very soon.

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