Camayan Beach and Resort

Camayan Beach and Resort: The Definitive List Why You Ought To Go Here

What can I say about #OurCamayan? Well, first is that the experience was magnificent! At a hefty price, you will know you're spending it at the right place.

DISCLAIMER: This is actually the first part of a two-part write-up. So, drop by and check out our Ocean Adventure article soon.

What can I say about #OurCamayan? Well, first is that the experience was magnificent! At a hefty price, you will know you’re spending it at the right place.

But before I move on to my reasons why you (yes, you!) should come and stay at The Camayan, I’ll just give a summary of our own stay there.

Here goes!

Coming from Ocean Adventure, which is a parking lot away from The Camayan, we got to the Reception Area at around 2PM. And we’re exhausted from the majestic adventure that is…err Ocean Adventure (editor: change the word adventure to avoid redundancy). Upon arrival, our exhaustion quickly dissipated when greeted with warm smiles by the staff. Hell, even fellow staycationers smiled at us. I even looked at the nearby mirror to check if there’s something wrong with my face.

So, walking toward our accommodation (which happens to be the Superior Room. Classy af), we got to see what was in store for us during our stay. The bar and the beach looked equally inviting. From afar, we heard an acoustic band playing and lots of lovely tourists eating at the bar with the majestic view of the band behind the blue beach water. It was a sight to behold.

And then we overslept. We got to eat dinner past 9PM. Nothing bad can be said for the food and service. We went back to our room full and with pizza in tow.

It didn’t hurt the food and service were great! We had a fantastic time during breakfast too. Around 9AM we went back to our room and prepped ourself for a morning of water and sand.

Overall, #OurCamayan may be one of the best places we’ve been to without needing to fly econo.

The following are the main highlights of our experience at The Camayan:

  1. The Staff
  2. The Room and The Facilities
  3. The Food
  4. The Location
  5. The Beach

Read along!


The Staff

As early as our time during Check-In, we were humbled and astounded by the warm welcome from the staff. Even seeing how busy they were in entertaining inquiries with other guests, they never faltered in giving a smile (sometimes laughing even, which I found relaxing as I hate the all-business look). All of the personnel we encountered are well-dressed and they command a good grasp of their industry. In short, they know their shit.

One particular scene I recall was with the security guard at the entrance as he was even supportive of my cause to smoke before and after meals. We always had a quick chat whenever I run to the smoking area (which was situated between The Camayan Resort and Ocean Adventure). And that incident was frequent.

They know their shit.

Reception Area Camayan
Checking In is a breeze

The Room and The Facilities

The room that we got at the Camayan was the high-end one. Known on their website as the Superior Room.  There wasn’t much view to be seen on the second floor due to the thick coconut trees and cabanas that cover majority of the beach. But the sight INSIDE the room more than made up for it! The room was spacious, to say the least! It was classy and not to adorned by lighting fixtures. The overhead lamps are a nice touch. We got two big rooms for ourselves and the TV was huuuuge. I’m a sucker for great rooms whenever we travel so a big flatscreen is a turn on for me.

Front of Room Camayan
Our room at the second floor, beachfront wing
Room Camayan
Actually, this photo was taken when we were about to Check-Out from the hotel.

I’m a sucker for great rooms whenever we travel so a big flatscreen is a turn on for me.

Room Features:

  • View of the resorts landscaped gardens OR the sea (aaaah now I get it)
  • Two queen-sized beds. Because they feel like it.
  • 50 glorious inches LED TV.
  • Close to 30 sqm of luxury. This, I very much believe!
  • Max of 5 pax

The Food

The food was great. We only ate twice there: dinner the same day we came and the free breakfast that came with our room.

Upon arrival, we took a NAP (for more than 5 hours) and when we woke up, we were in dire need of sustenance. We went to the bar only to realize that we were the only people there, save the restaurant crew of course. Apparently, the crowd left just as we arrived. There was an Earth Hour event by the way.We ordered in Seafood Soup, Carbonara, Bolognese and Pizza. Good god, the servings were enormous! We shouldn’t have ordered the pizza. The soup was rich in flavour and it paved our way for our main course. The pasta dishes were amazing. Too amazing that we had our pizza to go. The personnel was glad that we enjoyed our meal and was delighted when we had the pizza wrapped.

Good god, the servings were enormous!

Dinner at the Camayan
A very late dinner
The Reef at The Camayan
On our way to the Bar for our breakfast

Breakfast at The Camayan
Very Pinoy Breakfast

While our dinner made up our pasta night, the breakfast was a pinoy-flare for us. I couldn’t get enough of the juice while the missus overwhelmed herself with coffee.

The Location

Entrance of the Camayan Resort
The view upon entering #OurCamayan

The Camayan Beach and Resort is located at the Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area. It’s around 30 minutes away from the city. There aren’t many public transpos that go there which makes it a bit out of reach especially to tourists who commute. Fortunately, The resort has an exclusive shuttle bus for employees and tourists.


The Beach

The water in this paradise is picturesque and I am afraid, my camera doesn’t bring justice to the beauty that is The Camayan. Nevertheless, I come bearing gifts…in the form of pictures and video clips.


Sand Castle at Camayan
I know it’s not a real sand castle but I really love taking pictures of it
Beach water Camayan
Clearwater. Our apologies for the smudged lens

This is a clip of how clear the water is.

The beach is the main highlight of our stay here (and obviously, this article). The beach is the make-or-break of any resort experience. Undoubtedly, #OurCamayan passed with flying colors! The water is clean and the sand is pure. Vloggers and photographers would enjoy the stay at The Camayan even just for the sight.

While we’re on the subject of the beach, let us talk about beach security for a sec. You’ll find it comforting to know that you and your valuables will feel safe here. When we hit the sand, we come running towards the water and gladly left (more like dropped) our stuff on a spot (of course, within our peripheral vision). I have in my pouch are our glasses, a water-resistant coin purse and a mobile phone. We went back after around five hours of beach-time to find it untouched. So yeah. I just felt I had to squeeze this in as this is important to people who value their property.

Our stay at The Camayan Beach and Resort was worth the morning travel, the big bags we carried and the money we spent. If there was a chance we could extend our stay, we gladly would’ve. Looking forward to visiting this awesome place again soon!


Below is a short clip we mustered to encapsulate our experience at The Camayan. Please bear with the wobbly video. I forgot to bring my gimbal.

If you haven’t been to Subic for relaxation and some beach-action, there is no better place than #OurCamayan.

This post wouldn’t have been possible without the help and assistance of the men and women of Camayang Beach and Resort.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following for making this experience come true:

Mr. Jaebi Scobba Murillo

Mr. Arjay De Guzman

The staff and crew of the resort and The Management.


If this post somehow encouraged you to check out this resort, head over to their website here.




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