Death Toll 3

The Retirement

Tony was days away from his retirement. But his last case may literally be his last.

Death Toll 3

There is a serial killer on the loose. He left the scene with five casualties not to add the already lengthy list with the PNP. Tony is about to retire, with a glorious 45 years of police service. He can now buy his wife that ugly family van she’d been nagging from him. Fuck, that looked shitty compared to my eight year old two-door Mazda, he mumbled.

Compared with typical police in movies, Tony comes from clean money. He is well off even before the service. He has a great wife and an aspiring lawyer of a daughter, Tania. His last week in service was all about turning over his work to this preppy hipster from a good state university. Papers, MPRs and evidence receipts are all in proper places. He made sure of it.

Friday, a day shy of his new found life, he was about to call it a night when he heard a BOLO for a Mazda MX5. His MX5! He clutched his GSIS papers and other retirement docs then ran towards the carpool. I should’ve driven it today, he hissed. Inside the patrol car, he radioed in on his kumpareng Miguel for back up. He then got the address confirmation for the BOLO and drove out. This can’t be? Why is it here in my daughter’s workplace? He radioed Miguel again to look up Araullo And Araullo (the law firm) and found out that it’s the same firm who tried the serial killer. Fuck, he breathed. Outside of his jurisdiction, he called the local station and requested permission. Granted, he went in and headed to the law firm in San Juan.

Two floors above a local bank, thru the window of the office space of Araullo and Araullo, where he spent a good entire year of fetching his daughter before she got married at an early age, he saw her gagged and tied on a swivel chair, along with the associates he already called family.

Tania, thank goodness your mother gave you a good name, I’m coming…

He cocked his Glock 17 and readied to go in went he his phone blared. The serial killer heard it and rained bullets at the door.

Tony was hit four times. Tony died instantly.

Fuck retirement.



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