The Planner

Death Toll 2

She just did an all-nighter for her first project as an events planner. Things are finally going her way, she thought. Venue, check. Catering, check. Lights and sounds are on their way, as good as a check. She’s been running over her list mentally as she took a shower.

Fuck, the flowers! She ran out of the bathroom and in to her room. She picked up her phone and dialed her assistant. C’mon, Roel, pick it up… After two rings, Roel answered. I know, Ehny. I picked up the flowers myself. No need to worry. We got this. With that, she hung up and remembered to dry herself up.

At the venue, she scrambled to find that the project was running perfectly. Roel pulled it off. Fuck, she thought. She saw Roel busy with their point person, she watched him as he moved to the food area to talk to the caterers, to the sound personnel to check on the speakers and mics and back. The last stop Roel did surprised her. It is her sister, Jane. Something looked off. Is there something going on between Roel and Jane?? Then Roel started to cry too. Fuck, what’s going on?? She moved in and before she could utter a word, she heard her sister say:

Ate… Wala na si ate…

And then everything became clear. She didn’t make it to the venue, she didn’t even had the conversation with Roel over the phone. She slipped and broke her skull in the bathroom. She realized she died.

Fuck, well at least the project was doing good, she thought.



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