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A Great Sunny Wednesday

It was a great sunny Wednesday to die, he thought. And he walked away.

Death Toll 1

It was a great sunny Wednesday. And unlike any other day, he isn’t late for class. He kissed his mom and dad and ran out the door. On his way, he started checking out messages in his phone. Browsed thru messages of Carla, his now ex-girlfriend. The relationship didn’t last long but he had really liked her. He started deleting every single messages from her, then next, all his pictures with her. He didn’t think he’ll be able to do that before. But now it felt like it is now a relief to do so.

Before reaching the bus stop, he saw an old lady crossing the street. He was about to help her when he dropped his phone. He picked it up and looked for scratches. The screen had minor hairlines but is still usable. He was too preoccupied with his phone that he didn’t see the speeding Toyota Innova coming. Next thing he knew he was laying on the ground and people looked at him, surrounding him.

He started to get up and saw the faces around him. Some of them crying, others, the usual naysayers. He saw the woman weeping while narrating to police officers what transpired:

I… I think he was *sob* about to help me when his phone fell off. He *sob* wasn’t able to see *sob* the red van coming at him…

He felt bad for the woman as she began to tremble. He looked and saw that the Innova was at the corner and is collecting it’s own crowd. He was about to go there when he heard a familiar cry. His mom crying while being comforted with his dad. He saw his mom crying, clutching what seemed to be a phone very identical to his.

It was a great sunny Wednesday to die, he thought. And he walked away.



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