Why we write ugly

Writing has always been a reflection of one’s self. Writing ugly doesn’t necessarily mean one has poor writing skills or is uneducated or unlearned. Instead, writing ugly means that the writer ignores any semblance of form and reason, of aesthetics, and just goes to convey what he/she truly believes in. 

Writing ugly is when the writer let’s go of those last few drops of vanity. To go beyond writing to impress. Writing is self-expression aside from it being informative and creative. Like art, it is an extention of ourselves – our culture. Hence, it should be as true and as barenaked as possible. To coin a popular proverb, We are what we write

As a communications and education grad (yes, separately), I have written in almost every platform. I’ve written for a tech site, wrote for a local romance class publication, for cheap tagalog comic books, for a local broadsheet, for TV and a posh magazine before I gave in to writing online. And one thing that my experiences taught me, is that writing is a skill as it is a passion. And as such, writing should be done with utmost respect. Respect people in the industry. Write as if their credibility is in your hands. 

Write with respect

I have high respect for writers, content creators and bloggers who have, early on, prioritized the quality and honesty of their work compared to those “bloggers” who are more concerned of their statistics, page views and follower count. These are the passionate minds I adore and look forward to consuming on a daily basis. I’ve met great contemporary writers along the way. Marisse Lee, the Lastimosa sisters: Kathleen and Karen Kaye, Karla Mae Cruzado, Pao De Chavez, Anant Shahi, Lawson Elijah, Tish Webber, are some of the best people that do ugly because they write from the heart. Which I think is the best practice where writing is concerned. 

We write ugly because there is nothing beautiful in writing in beauty. Writing ugly creates beauty. Writing ugly IS beauty. 

Why we write ugly


theuglywriter is like water.
Put water into cup. Water takes the shape of the cup.
Put water into bottle. Water takes the shape of an effin bottle.

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  1. Jolo, Marie Grace Q. MAR142

    RA 9412 “Children’s Access to Writing and Reading Class FOR FREE: WR (Writing and Reading) Class”
    – This law is all about the quality education every child must have in order for them to live a worthwhile life of their own in the future. This was also made to secure the intellectual potentials of the children and for them not to be left behind to those children of the other countries.

    Section 1. At the age of 5, children shall be enrolled in a 3-hr writing and reading classes in any public and private schools in the Philippines apart from being enrolled in regular subjects.
    Section 3. This subject shall only run MWF, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week.
    Section 4. Books and school materials shall be provided to the children for free.
    Section 5. Children who had aged from 9-14 years old shall be sent to different countries during their semestral break to practice their learnings and at the same time to learn more about the different culture and languages.
    Section 6. All fees included for their trip shall be covered by the government.
    Section 7. When they reached the age of 13, another subject shall be added which is a language and speaking class that includes learning different languages aside from Philippine dialects and English language.
    Section 8. The program shall only be applicable for 10 years from the age they started, 5 years old to the time they already finished the program, 15 years old.
    Section 9. There will be an evaluation (includes oral and written exams) on each student if they already have enough knowledge of reading and writing professionally when they reach the age of 15.
    Section 10. If the student can’t pass the evaluation, he or she must pay a penalty of half of the total amount of money the government had spent for his/her education.
    Section 11. The penalty from the students shall be added and used for the program also.
    Section. Schools, private or public who will not comply with this law shall be sue and be terminated.

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