The 10,000mah for LG v20 by ZeroLemon

The 10,000mah for LG v20 by ZeroLemon

You know you’ve grown more mature when you no longer want the hottest and the latest gadget out there. That you’d rather have a phone that speaks to you rather than a fancy device that just won’t cut.
So I bought the LG V20 last month and I spared myself doing a review to be able to have an in-depth write-up about this. Please check out future review soon. So today, I’ll be discussing a more recent purchase. And hot damn, what a great buy as always! I never regret buying from this company!

Enter the 10,000mah Extended Battery Case for the LG v20.

The LG v20 is the most underated phone of 2016. It has a quad-DAC for audiophiles, 3 awesome cameras, 3 microphones for taking crisp sounds on videos, an expandable memory card slot to 2TB and 4gb or RAM making this specifically for power users like me. See review of the LG V20 soon!

With such great features, a battery with a modest capacity of 3200mah will never be enough. It isn’t for me. Just imagine such a powerhouse of a phone, you would want to maximize its use, right? That’s what I’ve been doing since I got this baby!

a battery with a modest capacity of 3200mah will never be enough.

So I purchased the 10,000mah Extended Battery Case from the great people at ZeroLemon Philippines. Why? Because I got two from them already, and those have been my go-to whenever  I leave the office or just about anywhere without my power brick and cable along with me.

The package comes standard with the white box I’ve come to love, battery, case and the usual documentation.

Warning, the phone has a whopping 5.7 inch screen and having a case would entail you ensure your arm/hand. This would be ridiculously thick and slightly heavy (lighter than my Note 5 Battery Case (see my previous review here) due to the fact that the LG phone has a removable battery similar to my first ZL case for the LG G3. 

This would be ridiculously thick!

The cut-outs are on point. It is actually thinner so you need not worry about your third-party peripherals like charging cable and headphone jack not fitting in (usual problem of any third party iPhone cases when it gets very bulky on the corners). I took my Sennheiser 201HD (see my review here) and it was a pleasant experience. It fits greats and it complimented the Hi-Fi DAC the V20 boasts. And if you feel wireless connectivity, my JBL e45BT was also great for the battery case from ZL made the phone last 3 extra days than usual.

The speaker grill never left unlike on my Note 5 where it was redirected at the lower front. Nevertheless, the V20 case never lessened the quality of the audio from the LG phone.

Facing the phone flat you will see that the case provided a subtle curve that will lead to the fingerprint sensor/power button to make it a little convenient despite the thickness and heft it added. It would look silly at first but you’ll gladly ignore it just for the thoughts of using this non-stop for days!

The case also provides protection for the silly camera bump on the V20. It no longer pops out like crazy. My fear of scratching or breaking the camera glass vanished.

Get your own LG v20 Extended Battery Case or find one for your phone at

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