I am Dying

I weaken in my sleep

my limbs thicken
my breasts shrivel
teats tender still
My back breaks
cracks appear as wrinkles
My skin bakes
and sloughs
of time’s wakening
My head leans
I sleep more and more now
My hips slip softly deeper
into loam’s embrace
My lashes weep
tears of thanks
My neck bows
and shoulders shake

Daughters keen
shriek, at the thought
of me lost.
Their breasts heave
indignant that I
must go.
They never think
or reason why
They see defeat
When victory is
I touch their dewed cheeks
kiss tears from brown lashed eyes
cuddle them into smiles
only for a while

I need to die
to supply your looms
hair stretched
thinnest wool
arms lengthen, sweetness
as I prepare to become a beacon
for you
for you
for you
The time for arms has come
pick up your wristlets,
your greaves, your shield
hear me beating
in motherly syncopation
we shall drown out
their ears with our whispers.

I am Gaia
I am dying
to reawaken
to lead you in battle for
our very survival
Amazons, warrior women,
diplomats, rabble rousers
gather around me
for last breath
rumbling chains
the earth quakes
stars become brighter
as I sigh my end
and smile
as I die
and unleash you
into darkness

KDN, 2017

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Nashra Usmani

Beautiful. Love the 2nd verse especially.

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