The 8500mah Zerolemon Battery Case for the Galaxy Note 5 

The 8500mah Zerolemon Battery Case for the Galaxy Note 5 

Coming from a 9000mah Zerolemon powered LG G3, I upgraded to the Galaxy Note 5. It has been only a week and I just felt underpowered. It stopped when I bought the 8500mah Zerolemon Case for the Note 5. Heavy, sleek and powerful, it gave my Note 5 new life. No longer do I lug around a powerbank as this baby can also power my iPhone 6+ all thanks to the external USB slot. Now, I can charge both my Note 5 And iPhone 6+ with ease and style!

Here are reasons for you Note 5 owners to buy this powerhouse:

* pass-thru technology. Slap this case on your phone and it would charge both the phone and the case at once.

* it has extra USB U-dock in case you lose the first one

* the Note 5 having a non-removable battery,  it means it will be twice the thickness of your phone. But thrice the power. Do the math!

* all cutouts are deliberate and access to your audio jack and S-pen are intact.

* tunnel effect for the speakers

* tough as it should be. Think otterbox+anker powerbank in one!

All-in-all, with the price of 3,000php, this battery case is a good investment especially if you rely on your Note 5 heavily.
Get one now. The links are down below.




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Xencentrism- the concept of the article is the quality of the Zerolemon case of Note 5

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