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Sleeping with eyes wide open

I ruined a good thing

Why am I not surprised?
I am used to getting sleepless waiting for your messages
– when I get lucky, your voice
Now I am just sleepless –  staring at your inbox
– but don’t have the guts, the strength to actually open and read it.
‘coz instead of remembering the warmth it gave me
All I get is a hard-icy reminder of what could have been.

As the dark circles begin to creep my eyes
All I’m left are remnants of a life now far different from this.

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  1. Johnaaronbustonera

    What a great poem

  2. kevin echiverri
    kevin echiverri

    I’m dead. This one’s a timely read for me.

  3. Ellyssa Nicole Catuira
    Ellyssa Nicole Catuira

    Reminds me of someone. They created something beautiful but she destroyed it. ?

  4. Kenneth Willie M Layona
    Kenneth Willie M Layona

    Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    August 1, 2017

  5. Salandanan Psy152

    it’s a good poem :D… for that i leave a quote.. ” The ones we try to bury are the ones that buries us first”.

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